Many have asked what it means to bring video natively to Field Service, so let’s see if I can give you a quick intro to the concept.

In this 30-odd seconds demo we are a field technician who is on site for a Service call.

At any point we can tap “Record Video”, capture and secure videos directly in the Service Appointment record, either recorded and uploaded on the fly if we are online, or recorded and synced later if we are offline.

Screenshot of a work order with actions for a field service agent to create a service report


The videos are now in Salesforce enriched with all related Salesforce metadata, and they can be then:

  • Added to a ServiceReport sent to the Customer, to create the best visibility into the service call, elevate to a Premium the Service provided, and transform customer experience through unprecedented transparency.
  • Stored and archived intelligently as the best data record for future compliance, audits and reviews.
  • Run through Einstein AI to automatically flag issues or to recommend a next best action.

This is only a quick overview of some of the benefits of adding video to Salesforce FS, if you want to see the full demo video just get in touch and we will send it over, or tag a friend or a colleague that should take notice!

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