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Recruitment intelligence platform unlocks the full potential of your Recruitment team bringing an accurate understanding of Client and Candidate interactions to increase efficiency, optimise alignment and accelerate the decision-making process.

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Meeting AI and Notetaker

Vinton empowers teams to concentrate on the conversations and actions that matter. Vinton captures data from video calls and voice notes, helping you to build an Org with rich, quality information from all your teams.

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Other Nativevideo solutions

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Unlock productivity with the Nativevideo platform, powering video & audio recordings & transcriptions, natively in Salesforce.

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FREE Salesforce Video Viewer, Recorder and Screen-Capture. Share videos in your Org or via a community.

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Empower Field Service Teams with video technology, available natively on desktop, mobile, browser & offline.

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Create short, personal & effective Sales comms, from screen-capture demos to first-person messages, directly from Salesforce.

Why Video+AI in Salesforce

Record & play video natively

Unlock unprecedented productivity with the Nativevideo platform. Powering video & audio recordings and transcriptions, natively in  Salesforce.

Improve CRM user adoption

Make it easy and fun to capture updates in Salesforce with automatic recording, transcription and summarisation of video calls, and ad hoc audio notes for voice updates.

Increase quantity of rich data

Transcribing calls and audio notes automatically increases the amount of rich data that you retain in your Org, capturing detailed conversations and interactions.

Increase data quality

Capturing both client and candidate conversations, interviews and other interactions brings detailed, high-quality information into your Org.

Save time on admin

No need to spend precious time typing up meeting or interview notes. Our solutions capture everything automatically for you, meaning you can move faster and be more productive.

Coach your teams

Meeting recordings can be used to help coach teams on better interview practices and better client conversations, learning from the best performers.

Better visibility of team activities

See team calls and audio notes captured in Salesforce to get a clear view of your team’s activities and performance, using Salesforce reports with video+audio data.

Improved team accountability

Understand more clearly why candidates are accepted or rejected, or why clients are won or lost.

Trigger flows from video+audio data

Use video+audio+AI generated data in your Org to trigger Salesforce flows to keep improving the information captured in your Org.

Adopt AI quickly and easily

Bringing or Vinton into your Org is a quick and easy way to start your AI journey for your business. A practical, simple way to use AI to benefit all your users.

Enrich customer support

Enable service and support teams to record videos, in the office or the field, from mobile or desktop, within any Salesforce object, saving time and capturing important service data to enrich support knowledge.

Build stronger customer relationships

Increase trust and loyalty through visibility. Share calls, interviews and summaries with external stakeholders to ensure everyone’s aligned.

Audiovisual solutions native in Salesforce

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Three times Salesforce Demo Jam Winner

100% Salesforce native functionalities

Nativevideo solutions

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“We recently tested the Call Transcriptions, Summaries & Audio Notes features from Nativevideo and are impressed by its outstanding functionality. The application delivers tremendous value and has exceeded our expectations…we highly recommend the app to anyone seeking a reliable AI solution.”

Lewis Joosten, Administrator, processio

Wood Recruitment

“The ease of one-click voice recording, the accuracy, completeness and immediacy of the extracted text added in our Records is amazingly good…we are already seeing a major impact in adoption, productivity and quantity/quality of the data in our Salesforce.”

Scott van Heurck, Director, Wood Recruitment

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“Now my Sales team can easily speak (yes record audio with one click from any device) into Salesforce to capture information from their meetings, no more excuses that they forgot to log it to Salesforce! No more excuses for me either! It drives user adoption and productivity, and maximises our ROI in Salesforce.”

Simon Thompson, CEO, Improved Apps

How Nativevideo supports you

Nativevideo solutions support different roles in your business.

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Use video and audio to conduct asynchronous or live interviews, captured against candidate records in Salesforce.

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Record video meetings and have AI summarise, create next steps and draft you a follow up email.

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Service teams can film service visits to capture exactly what fix needed to be applied. Update field notes even when offline.

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SF Administrator

Add audio and visual tools to enhance the way your teams work. Native in Salesforce and free for up to five users.

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