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Are you part of the Salesforce ecosystem?

If you’re a Salesforce Consulting or ISV Partner, talk to us about using Vinton in your Org for free. We also offer incentives to introduce new Vinton clients to us.

Why become a Nativevideo partner?

Get Vinton for free and work together with us to introduce Vinton to your customers.

Video + Audio + AI

Use Vinton for free to record, transcribe and summarise your prospect and client calls, against relevant records in your Salesforce Org.

Partner support

We’ll provide ongoing customer support for the duration of your use of Vinton, acting as second line support for questions and issues that can’t be solved by your internal team.

Joint marketing

Identify possible joint marketing initiatives to promote our partnership: testimonials, client references, blog articles, joint events etc.

Joint customer opps

Both Nativevideo and partners will consider qualified customer introductions and opportunities to work together on joint projects.

Product feedback

Partners will provide qualified product feedback to Nativevideo, contributing to our Vinton roadmap and vision.

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Our solutions

Small illustration for talent acquisition video in dark blue helps recruitment teams achieve faster, smarter, and more predictable growth by harnessing video+AI.

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Vinton blue logo

Vinton is a Meeting AI and notetaking tool that empowers your team to concentrate on the conversations that matter.

small illustration of several different devices with a nativevideo play icon
platform logo blue

Unlock productivity with the Nativevideo platform, powering video & audio recordings & transcriptions, natively in Salesforce.

Small illustration of several mobile phones with service video recordings
Nativevideo logo in dark blue

FREE Salesforce Video Viewer, Recorder and Screen-Capture. Share videos in your Org or via a community.

Small illustration of several mobile phones with service video recordings
servicevideo logo blue

Empower Field Service Teams with video technology, available natively on desktop, mobile, browser & offline.

Small illustration of a video recording for email
leadgenvideo blue logo

Create short, personal & effective Sales comms, from screen-capture demos to first-person messages, directly from Salesforce.