In this blog we’ll walk you step-by-step through how to add Vinton as a notetaker in your Zoom, Meet or Teams meetings.

We have a video explainer as well, so if you prefer to watch that, go here.

Step 1: Go to your calendar

Open up your Outlook or Gmail calendar and put in a meeting. Add Vinton as one of the attendees. Your company will have set up a dedicated email address for Vinton. Add other attendees and then save the meeting. This will automatically place the meeting in Vinton’s calendar, ready to join when it occurs.

Step 2: Start your meeting and Vinton will ask to join

Vinton will ask to join your meeting. Once admitted, a message will appear in the meeting chat.

Step 4: Vinton records the meeting

Vinton records the meeting and places the meeting recording inside Salesforce against the relevant contact, lead, account etc.

You’ll also see the transcript, next steps, summary and draft email that Vinton has created for you.

For more information on setting up Vinton, visit our installation guides.

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