Easter is just around the corner, but Alfred 2.0 has already arrived!

On Wednesday 5th April we held a 30 minute Live Demo exploring the new capabilities of Alfred 2.0.

The webinar was hosted by our Marketing Executive, Laura Truman, featuring our COO and Co-Founder, Luca Benini, driving the Demo. The final ten minutes of the webinar was open to audience questions and feedback in a Q&A. It was great to host and participate in this fun, informative, exciting and insightful session! What a wonderful opportunity for our attendees to learn how Nativevideo has fully leveraged the power of GPT into our Salesforce native Personal Assistant Alfred.

Alfred logo in the top left corner and illustrations of the meeting AI and audio notetaker being used

Did we mention, it's the number one audio-based and GPT-powered Salesforce productivity app?

Going back to the Live Demo, Alfred 2.0 received some great comments!

  • “Mind blown!”
  • “Lots of possibilities with Alfred.”
  • “I want to show it to my colleagues.”
  • “Thanks for a great demo Luca & team”

So, make sure you come along to our next one, or read on to learn more!

What’s Alfred all about?

Recently, you may have noticed that GPT/AI technology has been all over social media, forums and other platforms, with many wondering and interested in knowing if Salesforce + ChatGPT AI can be joined together. While everybody has been talking about ChatGPT and Salesforce, Nativevideo has put it into production. We’ve developed and delivered an exceptionally efficient and effective solution for Sales, Service/Field Service and Support teams. It’s called Alfred, and it is an acronym for: A: AI-based, L&F: Lightning Fast, R: Responsive, E: Efficient, D: Directly accessible inside Salesforce.

What did people see?

During the Live Demo, Luca Benini showed the latest innovations and capabilities of Alfred 2.0. These included a fully automated follow-up email drafted right after each Client interaction/meeting, ready to be sent out. It also shows audiences the advanced Exec Summary and Next Steps extraction that appear right after the audio recording and on your selected Salesforce Object page, plus, it has multi-language understanding so it can support global teams at scale.

Our agenda for the webinar was as follows:

  • Welcome
  • 15 minute deep dive into Alfred’s newest features and functionality. Alfred is the #1 audio-based and AI-powered Salesforce productivity app!
  • Use Case: Sales Rep updates their Salesforce after a Client/Prospect interaction
  • Alfred Impact: Sales Rep records a voice-based note (AlfredNote), debriefing from the meeting. Alfred then adds Voice-to-Text Transcription, Exec Summary and Next Steps in Salesforce. Alfred even writes the follow-up email, ready to send!
  • To close the live demo we looked at a couple of planned additional features coming in a few months
  • 10 minute Q&A

We had some great questions and interactions from the audience, here are some examples:

  • “Can you also log the recording against other objects like Cases?”
  • “Where is the audio saved?”
  • “Can controlling access and visibility be done the same way as any other record access?”
  • “Can the client choose the geographical region of AWS where the data of its users are stored?”

Our 5F Promise

You may have seen in our event announcement socials and newsletters that Alfred is also free for the first five users with our 5F Promise. What does 5F refer to? It refers to: “First Five (Users) For Free Forever” and this means that you can get Alfred for free today for the first five Salesforce Users in your Org. Interested to find out more about Alfred? Check out the AppExchange Page now.

Missed the big moment?

Don’t worry if you missed the Live Demo. You can see the full length recording here, or see a quick recap demo here.

You can find more information about Alfred (now Vinton) via: https://www.nativevideo.co/solutions/vinton

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