Please note: Alfred is now called Vinton but this blog was published prior to the name change.

The data captured by Alfred can be used to create Salesforce flows to automate other processes in your Org. In this blog we’ll explain how we created a Salesforce flow to automatically create an activity based on Alfred attending a video call. If you prefer to follow a video explainer, go here.

In our flow, we start with a Record-Trigger which is against the Object – Audio Note and set to trigger when a record is created or updated.

Salesforce screenshot of the start of a Salesforce flow

Looking in more detail a the trigger, we can also see Entry Conditions which indicate this flow should only run when the Status of the Audio Note is equal to READY.

Salesforce screenshot of the object in relation to a Salesforce flow

We also set the flow to run Only when a record is updated to meet the condition requirements and optimized the flow for Actions and Related Records.

Salesforce screenshot of entry conditions for Get records in a Salesforce flow

The next step of our flow is to get Video Insights records. If you take a look at our data model blog, you’ll understand that the Video Insight records are those that contain the title, summary and email for the call.

Salesforce screenshot for Edit Get Records

We then fetch the Contact Recipient records associated with the created audio note that triggered the flow. Our flow then asks whether the note has contact recipients. If yes, the flow continues.

Salesforce screenshot of Fetch Contact Recipients for a Salesforce Flow

Next we loop on contact recipients and assign contact IDs to the list. (For more information about loops, check this Salesforce Ben blog.)

Salesforce screenshot setting up a Salesforce flow
Salesforce screenshot to Edit loop in a Salesforce flow

The next step fetches the contact IDs that we just added to a list in the loop.

Salesforce screenshot to Edit Get Records in a Salesforce flow
Salesforce scrfeenshot of a Salesforce flow

We’ll create a variable to populate fields in the Activity object and we’ll add the call summary to the description, the subject from the call title, the contacts associated with the activity (i.e. participants to a call).

Salesforce scrfeenshot showing the Edit Assignement dialog box in a flow setup
Salesforce screenshot of a Salesforce flow with Edit Assignment dialog is up for adding details to an activity list

Finally we save the data to Activities in Salesforce.

Salesforce screenshot of a Salesforce flow Edit Create Records

Here’s how that flow works in practice, with a new Activity created from the flow.

Salesforce screenshot of an example activity created by a Salesforce flow to log any video meetings