We are thrilled to announce that our NativeVideo for Automotive Service use-case has won the Salesforce ISVs DemoJam at London’s Calling 2020 event, the largest Community led event for Salesforce professionals in Europe. This makes us 2X DemoJam winners – check out our October 2019 DemoJam winner demo!

In this Automotive-focused use-case we bring our Video Technology, native to Salesforce, to the Car Repairs and Service operations, enabling the Car Service Technician to record a pre-Service video and send it to Customers to “Approve” the repairs recommended or ask for a “Call back” should they want to talk to the Technician.

Screenshot of a pre-service video email

3 Key areas of impact:

  1. Increased Efficiency and Transparency of communication with the Customer (receiving approval on the repairs faster and with no surprises)
  2. Increased opportunities for upsell and cross-sell
  3. Transform Customer Experience and deliver a premium service

What is the added killer functionality?

With our "Video-to-text" technology the video message will also have the text version of all the comments and recommendations by the technician as he records the video, directly in the body of the email as automated transcript, to save time for the technician (no typing) and transparency and ease of use to the Customer.

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