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Please note: Alfred is now called Vinton but this blog was published prior to the name change.

Field Service Associates Limited is a specialist consultancy that mentors, coaches and guides service leaders in all aspects of their service business.

FSAL often found their clients were struggling to capture complete and accurate customer data in their Salesforce CRM. In their experience many systems were devoid of detailed information on how a sales cycle is progressing, usually caused by the inordinate amount of time the account owner needs to take in updating the opportunity record. CROs, Customer Success and Customer Service leaders resorted to scheduling regular forecast calls, account reviews and service history calls to be confident they were fully updated on the progress within an account.

FSAL sought a solution to share with its clients that would speed up the time it took to manage sales or service admin in Salesforce. They evaluated Alfred (now known as Vinton), an AI personal assistant that sits natively on Salesforce.

They found that:

  • Alfred boosts team productivity across sales, service and field teams through its voice notes functionality to capture complete, accurate, and frequent updates inside Salesforce.
  • The auto-generation of executive summaries made every update more efficient, and the next step tasks suggested accurate next steps. The follow-up emails were of high quality and required little to no changes.
  • Because Alfred resides natively within Salesforce, all notes were recorded against any object within Salesforce, including custom objects, and no additional coding was required.
  • The ease of one-click to record voice notes on both desktop and mobile meant that users found it quick and easy to add their voice notes immediately after a customer interaction. As a result, revenue and service leaders could see near real-time updates, truncated notes, call to actions and indeed a full transcript of conversations with customers within the opportunity object (or any other Salesforce object).

Dave Hart, Managing Partner at FSAL said, “The Alfred App is extremely easy to use. I defy any salesperson to find that it doesn’t save them significant time in terms of sales admin!”

He continued, “For any organisation that does not have a consistent process for capture of customer interactions, or a good sales debrief discipline, or has poor-quality note taking, Alfred can enable a transactional saving of ~74 – 81% (depending on their previous accuracy) of the time spent creating visit notes and updating records. And with the more efficient use of time and more accurate data input, forecast accuracy improved.

“If you are looking for a way to boost productivity, improve data quality, and transform customer insights in Salesforce, then I would recommend adding Alfred to into Salesforce.”

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