We are heading to Birmingham for the Field Service Expo on the 5th and 6th October. The event has come around so fast but we’re super excited to be going and have an opportunity to connect in person with Field Service leaders and talk about innovation, sustainability and effectiveness in Service! Come find us at ServiceMax’s booth, right in front of the Solutions Theatre main entrance.

What is Nativevideo up to at the event?

Floor plan for the Field Service Expo

We’re excited to be attending the Expo and can’t wait to chat with you about our latest video technology innovations.

We’ll be discussing our video-powered guided procedures that Field Service technicians and Customers can use to enhance visibility, compliance and trust, so both parties can get the most from a field visit.

Find us at the ServiceMax booth, our partner, and learn more about our ServiceMax-native video solution. Watch a demo and see how we can transform your field operations. If you get lost just look for the ServiceMax banner and we’ll be there!

Now back to other advantages our video technology, Servicevideo, can give you.

With Servicevideo you can:

  • Solve the issue of repeat visits and No Fault Found (NFF) that account for around 20% of all visits, by empowering your Customers to submit videos directly into the Case when they report an issue. Visibility => Preparedness => Fix.
  • Reduce or eliminate “call backs” from Customers (“When your engineer was here he didn’t…”) after the site visit by empowering your Field Engineers to record short clips documenting with full context the before/during/after of their service, and share it as part of the Service Report.
  • Increase revenue and win more Customers by differentiating your Service and bringing an innovation that increases engagement and trust, fostering strong, long-term partnerships.
  • Deliver more sustainable operations. Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing travel and increase efficiency and effectiveness of site visits, one video at a time. Learn more about our Sustainability All Star award by visiting the Sustainable Apps Section on the Salesforce AppExchange here.
  • Nativevideo is no newbie to the Field Service circles!

You may have noticed that we also attended the virtual coffee and chat event by the Field Service Expo that happened around the same time last year in 2021.

Missed the blog about last year's event? Check it out here.

What is the Field Service Expo?

We’ll explain…

Firstly though, Field Service News is a platform where Field Service organizations and businesses, like Nativevideo, can learn more and keep up to date with the latest in the industry via articles, events, related news and more. Visit the website: https://fieldservicenews.com/

Secondly, the Field Service News Symposium and Expo are in-person events where Field Service organizations and professionals attend talks, think tanks, and demonstrations of the latest Field Service essentials and technology. A great and innovative space to exchange quick wins and learn about any and all pressing issues from the Field Service community directly. Additionally, it is a space to gather, meet and discover new companies and solutions which can support business processes through demonstrations at booths, as well as listen to great speakers from Field Service companies via panel discussions.

Can we connect over a coffee?

We know there are lots to do at the Expo from demonstrations, to guest discussion panels, if you have a free few minutes we’d love the opportunity to discuss the benefit of adding video technology to your Field Service processes with you at the ServiceMax booth.

Come by and chat with us on the day (we’ll buy the coffee), and let’s find out how Nativevideo can support your Field Service organization.

Alternatively, connect via LinkedIn with our Nativevideo representative and Co-Founder who is attending the event, Luca Benini or the company LinkedIn.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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