Customer success is a key component for great business performance and success, Brian Solis says:

“The most important thing Consumers want to see from brand engagement is communicating honestly and transparently…”

A recent Salesforce survey of 17,000 Consumers for its Fifth Edition of the “State of the Connected Consumer”, show that 71% of the respondents said they switch brands at least once a year and 90% say that customer experience matters just as much as products or services!

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The facts and figures above are referenced and inferred in Ari Bendersky’s article: 3 Ways to Build More Trust With Customers. Bendersky highlights his three key ways companies can build trust with customers that can improve and develop their customers’ experience. These are:

  1. "Create experiences to build better trust"- “The advantage is on building relationships with customers, like you would with anybody else [and], making them feel better for it.” (Brian Solis)
  2. "Make things personal, not personalized". Let’s take a moment to explain what Bendersky may mean by these two simple but usually overlooked and misunderstood terms: Personal and personalized. Personal means “relating or belonging to a single or particular person rather than to a group or an organization” Cambridge Dictionary. Whereas, personalized is: “used to describe an object that has someone's name on it, or that has been made for a particular person” like bespoke products, for example Cambridge Dictionary. So by personal, Bendersky refers to bringing back the human-centric touch and re-evaluating what will actually benefit customers, personally.
  3. "State your values — and actually live by them". Salesforce has 5 key values which are, trust, customer success, innovation, equality and sustainability all of which Salesforce are pragmatically working towards actioning and practicing in their business relations. Bendersky could be suggesting that companies need to recognise that actions are more important than empty words from customers’ point of view.

Nativevideo and Customer Success

With our video technology built natively for and on Salesforce, we can help transform how customers and companies create and share content on the Salesforce platform. Nativevideo enables both parties to form trusted and long-standing relationships, one video at a time.

Nativevideo can assist your company to:

  • Transform service experiences by capturing and sharing how assets and issues are fixed and maintained with Servicevideo.
  • Connect with your customers in a personal, transparent and engaging way, through video messaging and communication using Leadgenvideo.
  • Review prospective employees for internal and external use through video and audio interviews, which provides your clients with a visual representation of future candidates with Talentvideo.
  • Be compliant, transparent and sustainable with video technology, and make your company and customer interactions personal and effective.

Our solutions are built on our Nativevideo video technology which unlocks the effectiveness, security and processing capability of our three solutions mentioned above.

Customer success, personal touch, transparency, security, and sustainability are all part of our core company values which we have actioned through our solutions and commitments (for more information about this see how we are Giving Back). Nativevideo are the people with the solutions, who have unlocked the power of video and can empower your team to transform customer communication and connect in a whole new, innovative way.

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Connect with us if you want to talk about how you can build trust with your customers. Let us transform your Salesforce Operations and reimagine how your customers view your customer service together!

“The advantage is on building relationships with customers, like you would with anybody else [and], making them feel better for it.” Brian Solis

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