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Nativevideo is the first end-to-end platform to transform how information and data is created, analysed and communicated, native to Salesforce.

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Recruitment & staffing

Our platform powers which helps recruitment teams achieve faster, smarter and more predictable growth. harnesses AI in the simplest way, unlocking the full potential of your Recruitment team. It brings an accurate understanding of Client and Candidate interactions to increase efficiency, optimise alignment and accelerate the decision-making process. is native in Salesforce and works alongside Salesforce ATSs like Bullhorn or Target Recruit.

Health & life sciences

Our technology supports health and life sciences customers across a wide range of use cases.

With, recruiting healthcare professionals is easier. Often seeking to recruit candidates from overseas , with healthcare organisations can select the stand-out candidates who use the one-way video interviews to quickly demonstrate their ability and qualifications, and show their identity documents for proof of identity.

The Nativevideo platform is also used for training and onboarding, embedding video content in your Org or on a Salesforce Community.

Image of a health centre
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Our platform with Servicevideo is transforming Manufacturing Service for both technicians and Customers.

From training and onboarding via video for both in-house and 3rd party contractors, to visual case management, from installation and repair video records, to video-enhanced service reports, we are transforming Manufacturing Customer Experience.

Financial services

Our video+AI solutions like Vinton are supporting Financial Services Sales and Client Management Teams to build stronger, more effective relationships with their customers. Teams use Vinton for meeting notetaking with AI summarisation, next steps and email follow-up. Audio notes allow teams to add ad hoc updates by voice.

Managers can listen back and coach Sales and Customer Success teams on improving their conversations, and can use reporting features in Salesforce to assess team activities.

Illustration of a piggy bank and graphs
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High tech

High tech teams in the Salesforce ecosystem are using Vinton Meeting AI and notetaking. Ready to assist in every call and conversation, Vinton saves teams a ton of time on their admin by transcribing, summarising, drafting follow-up emails, and suggesting next steps. Better alignment for project teams and clients for implementation as everything is captured automatically. Increased coaching opportunities for sales teams by learning from top performers.

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