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A complete time saver in so many ways!

“In addition to great note taking for our Zoom calls, Vinton does a great job in summarizing the call. One of my favorite features is the automated “To’Do” list based on the conversation during the call. This is a reminder of each task that is promised and the responsible person. We also saving tremendous time by having Salesforce records updated with the call info. Lastly, the link for the external attendees is very well put to together in a notebook fashion. Great service as well!”

— Terry Lydon, CEO, APPropoz Solutions

Accelerating K2’s AI vision

“TalentV and Vinton have helped K2 boost our productivity, enabling us to accelerate our AI-powered vision for innovation in global operations.”

— Valerio Lancia, CIO, K2 Partnering

Boosting team productivity!

“We have just installed Vinton in our Org and the team is already using it many times a day and their feedback is fantastic. The ease of one-click voice recording (both from desktop and mobile) and the accuracy, completeness and immediacy of the text that is extracted, elaborated and added in our Records is amazingly good! We are already seeing a major impact in adoption, productivity and quantity/quality of the data in our Salesforce.”

— Scott van Heurck, Director, Wood Recruitment

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A complete game changer for saving time

“Vinton has revolutionized my meeting process. Vinton seamlessly integrates into meetings, performing tasks like note-taking, generating executive follow-up emails, and creating tasks directly in Salesforce. This functionality has significantly enhanced my productivity, saving me a considerable amount of time.

Overall, I highly recommend Vinton for its remarkable impact on meeting efficiency and communication enhancement. I love it.”

— Elliot Burgess, Enterprise Account Manager, Improved Apps

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Vinton = Gamechanger!

“My new BFF is Vinton by Nativevideo. It’s a gamechanger for all sales professionals 🎉 turning voice notes into scripts/notes is super easy and the follow-up functions genius!

On a side note – I’m pretty good at updating my Salesforce records 😂 but this just means I can take a number of actions in one swoop – any salesperson’s dream.”

— Maria Stanford, Supermums

Great solution for field reports and mobile notes

“Our Field/Site teams are tasked with capturing notes and information as part of their Salesforce processes multiple times a day. Vinton proved to be very easy to install and integrate natively directly into our existing processes, custom objects and fields.

The team loves the one-click voice-based recordings, and Salesforce fills up daily with lots of high-quality information and data. Additionally, Vinton understands also other languages, and several of our users don’t have English as their first language, so they love the fact that Vinton can understand them and write notes on their behalf both in their native language (e.g. Spanish) and in English.”

— Mike Morrison, Director of Business Process Management, Mark Beamish Waterproofing

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