Last week the Improved Apps team, in collaboration with us at NativeVideo, held a great webinar dedicated to adoption for Salesforce.

In case you missed it please leave a comment below or get in touch for the full video recording.

In the meantime enjoy a short clip from Julie Holloway from Brambles, talking about their approach to onboard 3000+ users with a 100% virtual training approach thanks to Improved Apps and NativeVideo technologies.

Nativevideo and Improved Apps logos

Here are a few soundbites from Julie’s session:

“We proposed a shock horror zero-classroom training policy way before COVID… using Improved Apps and NativeVideo”

“It was met with a lot of resistance because people were used to having classroom training… we got a lot of pushback…”

“We explained the reasons behind it… we created a Learner Journey over 8 weeks prior to go live and started drip-feeding the information using a very strong Change Network, trusted across their Business Unit, knowledgable about the topic, enthusiastic and evangelists for Salesforce…”

How are you driving technology adoption across your organisation?

Trust the experts and turn ON the integrated solution Improved Apps + NativeVideo for a successful launch & sustained adoption! Get in touch if you want to explore the massive opportunities of in-App training and real time contextualisation of the onboarding material.

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