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Recently, we’ve all seen Salesforce promote a lot about about Einstein GPT and AI at events, in articles, in new Cloud announcements, and on social media.

You may have also already seen or experienced the disruptive power of Generative AI, and may be gearing up for the inevitable impact it will have on your business, operations and CRM. Companies need to refocus their efforts on data quality and quantity in Salesforce, otherwise Einstein GPT will only have a limited impact (if any), which will slow their growth and create a competitive disadvantage for many companies. So get started now with quality data!

Yes, AI is here to stay and Salesforce has launched Einstein GPT to help companies implement AI for maximum user and Org efficiency and productivity. But to fully benefit from Einstein GPT, companies first need to ensure their databases contain high quality, reliable and complete data.

With all this in mind, Nativevideo has developed a White Paper called ‘Ready, set go for Einstein GPT‘. It will provide you with actionable solutions to fix your data quality issues, and explore why this is so important for getting the most out of Einstein GPT.

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