London – September 12, 2023 For immediate release

To mark the start of Dreamforce 2023, Nativevideo today announced its latest version of Alfred, the Meeting Assistant and Sales Productivity tool on Salesforce

Alfred can now join video calls, adding transcripts and notes automatically in Salesforce against related Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases and any other (including custom) objects. Alfred has evolved from an effective audio notes productivity tool to a fully fledged Salesforce personal assistant.

illustration of a job role with video interview recordings

Alfred records and transcribes meetings happening on Teams, Google Meet and Zoom, and using artificial intelligence, creates summaries and extracts tasks which are added to the Salesforce record, along with draft follow-up emails too. With Alfred effectively and efficiently managing admin tasks, sales teams are empowered to focus on building customer relationships, keeping deal momentum going and winning more.

Because not all meetings take place on video calls, Alfred wouldn’t be complete without extending its functionality to all other client interactions. In fact, Alfred builds on its original version focused on intelligent audio notes, which remain a central part of the solution. Offline meetings, phone calls and all other client conversations can be easily captured with one-click-record audio notes that Alfred turns into text summaries and places in the related Salesforce records.

Alfred is offered free for teams of up to five users. To mark the launch at Dreamforce 2023, Alfred is available with a 50% discount for the first year. Furthermore, for companies that have an existing subscription with competing, but not native to Salesforce, solutions such as Gong, Chorus, Otter, Fireflies, Alfred is available for free for the remainder of that contract.*

Alfred product features

  • Designed and built as a native, Salesforce-first solution, all important rich data from meetings and other interactions is captured directly in Salesforce objects, against the relevant records
  • Enterprise-ready features such as Sentiment Analysis, Notifications, Manager Playlists, dynamic Recording Hints
  • Compatible with Teams, Zoom and Google Meet and stores meeting data directly in Salesforce against the related objects
  • Multilingual transcripts, Alfred can work in 30+ languages. Organizations can choose to define their language preferences, either keeping the original language of the transcript or translating into English or any other language of their choice
  • Customisable prompts, so that organizations can personalize the way in which information is extracted and formatted through the artificial intelligence
  • Custom vocabulary so that you can ensure names, jargon and acronyms are captured correctly
  • Unlimited call minutes and no maximum monthly transcriptions
  • Alfred can attend concurrent meetings alongside different team members
  • Platform-built so that data and events can be used to create triggers for other actions
  • Downloadable transcripts and recordings
  • Desktop and mobile functionality via the Salesforce app
  • Alfred can be configured to use the company’s preferred GPT tool

Nick Tassini, CEO at Nativevideo said, “Alfred’s new meeting recording functionality and its existing audio notes capabilities are game-changing for Salesforce customers. Strategically, Alfred enhances the quantity, quality and accuracy of the data from business and client conversations, and is the ideal companion on the journey to GPT-readiness, enabling your organization to take full advantage of the transformation that AI will bring.”

Our customers love Alfred

Susana de Abrew, Chief Strategy Officer, Foxit Software, Inc. said, “Alfred, the Salesforce PA, has completely revolutionized the sales productivity game, and I can confidently say it’s a reliable and smart audio-based, AI-powered productivity app. This extraordinary tool has truly transformed the way we work with Salesforce, delivering unparalleled convenience and efficiency.”

For more five star customer reviews, visit the AppExchange.

And at the community-led London’s Calling Event Demojam in May 2023, Alfred won the “App the Audience Loved” award.

Find us this week at Dreamforce

Dreamforce 2023 is the event at which Nativevideo is launching these new and exciting Alfred functionalities and the team is running live demos between 12pm and 2pm daily at Spaces Mission & 3rd. If you’re at Dreamforce, drop by to see Alfred in action!

How Alfred works

Invite Alfred to your video call

Alfred joins your call and discreetly transcribes the conversation, placing the transcript into Salesforce against the related Contact, Opportunity or other objects.

Illustration of a conversation happening on a video call, and captured in Salesforce

Alfred creates an Executive Summary of the call

Alfred succinctly summarises the key points from the call that are then stored alongside the recording and related Opportunity, Contact or other record type.

illustration of a Salesforce opportunity with a video recording stored within

Alfred goes beyond note-taking

Alfred adds suggested next steps that can be converted into Salesforce Tasks, as well as a draft follow-up email that summarizes the meeting.

Illustration of a video call saved in the Vinton component in Salesforce and an example email generated after the call

Audio notes for other client interactions

Unlike other meeting #AI tools, Alfred also comes with audio note functionality. One-click to record on desktop and mobile and tell Alfred about a conversation or other interaction with a contact (e.g. WhatsApp, SMS) and Alfred will do the admin. Like with meetings, you’ll get a summary, suggested next steps and an email.

Illustration of a man recording an audio note via mobile phone

Effortlessly keep Salesforce up to date

Capturing rich, accurate and frequent updates in the easiest and quickest way possible means teams can focus on the more important tasks and reduce the amount of time needed for admin.

Illustrations of Salesforce app screens with Vinton components

Get GPT-ready

Data is the foundation of AI and those organizations that refresh their data strategy now will gain the competitive advantage. Alfred is the perfect companion to ready your Org for GPT.

Pricing and availability

  • Alfred is free to use for up to 5 users (up to 500 recorded call/meeting minutes per month).
  • Monthly Platform Fee $499 for all paid plans to unlock unlimited minutes.
  • $25 per user per month for up to 100 users.
  • Custom pricing available for large teams.
  • Customers on the free plan that wish to increase their monthly minutes should switch to paid.

For more information visit the Alfred (now called Vinton) page or to try it out visit the Salesforce AppExchange.

*Offer ends September 30, 2023. 50% off first year for minimum two year subscription. Maximum six months free for companies with existing subscriptions to Gong, Chorus, Otter, Fireflies, etc. Contacts

Want to know more about Alfred? Reach out and we'll be delighted to help.

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