Vinton’s transcription capabilities are powered by both AWS and Deepgram services, each offering support for a diverse range of languages to cater to our global user base.

Transcriptions are typically available immediately with AWS, while Deepgram may take a couple minutes longer due to its asynchronous nature.

AWS transcription services provide extensive language support, covering major languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and an array of others. This enables real time transcription across various linguistic demographics, ensuring that Vinton is accessible to teams worldwide. See the latest and most accurate language offerings.

Deepgram offers transcription services in multiple languages, prioritizing accuracy and context. While it excels in English, additional language support includes widely spoken languages such as Spanish, French, as well as others like Hindi, Japanese, and Russian, covering a significant linguistic spectrum for diverse transcription needs. See Deepgram’s language offerings.

With both AWS and Deepgram, you can select the transcription service that best fits your language requirements and accuracy expectations, ensuring that Vinton’s transcriptions are as reliable and inclusive as possible.