This May, Nativevideo is attending the latest virtual event by the Field Service United community which is dedicated to the hot topic of driving revenue in the field by having non-sales people be part of your selling process. Industry experts, Gary Patterson and Barry Roberts, will explore and expand on this topic at the Field Service United event, so be sure to tune in and register by 25th of May 9AM PST.

Illustration of Field Service vs Sales

Why is driving revenue in the field with non-sales people or your field agents a hot topic?

Well, among field service leaders it is particularly important. We all understand that up-selling and cross-selling is a massive opportunity for growth. It is especially useful for the service industry and an obvious concept in principle.

Let’s explain the concept first. Having your field service agents part of the up-selling and cross-selling process, which would mean speaking to their customers about other opportunities within your company, utilises the close connection your field agents have with customers since they are fully aware of customer needs. It all seems pretty effective and straightforward from the offset!

However, for many service organisations it poses a challenge in reality. One challenge or issue in particular is keeping and logging this new sales data gathered from your field agent. It may not be easy for your sales teams and field teams to communicate, so the effectiveness of using your field service team (or your non-sales representatives) as your selling source is not possible or simple to do.

Nativevideo is your new best friend

So we’ve identified an issue that many Service organisations face, when it comes to cross-selling or up-selling opportunities: communication and access.

You may have identified that, yes, you want to cross-sell/up-sell using your field agents but you are stuck like the rest and don’t know how to do this.

This is where Nativevideo can help. We understand and sympathise with your problem and have built a secure, flexible and Salesforce-native solution which can resolve this stress. Our solution, Servicevideo, allows information from field teams to the sales team to flow easily and maintain all the needed context thanks to video, as all the data is accounted for in Salesforce. So, both sales reps and service agents can access any and all necessary and useful information about customers or for customers (like other selling opportunities). Find out more about this also on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Stay tuned with our news via our LinkedIn. We’ll also reveal a preview of our solution for Field Service up-selling and cross-selling at the Field Service United event, so send us a message to let us know you’re coming.

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