I recently came across a useful article on the Salesforce 360 blog – “How to get the most out of a sales call.” It contains some great tips on preparing for your calls, how to start the call and how to close the call.

But it’s the latter part of the article that especially caught my attention. The author lists thirteen tips for making a successful sales call and the first tip in the list is:

Record and review your calls

This is one of the core reasons Vinton exists. Not only to capture all the important information from a call, but also to enable managers and teams to review calls, understand where improvements can be made, see where there might have been missed opportunities to discuss important topics such as budget or timing. Call recordings also help other members of the sales team learn from others' experiences. See how top performers handle their calls; identify why someone might be struggling to close.

Actively listen

Number ten on the list is another tip that Vinton supports and that's to actively listen whilst on calls. This takes practise, but is helped when using a tool like Vinton that transcribes and summarises every call for you. With Vinton handling the note-taking, sales teams can concentrate wholly on listening to the prospect or customer, being 100% in the moment.

Vinton also summarises key topics discussed on the call, identifies the time each speaker takes so that teams can identify whether the sales person or prospect is dominating the conversation.

Close with next steps, including a timeline for follow-up

The last tip on the list is to close the call, making sure to set out next steps and a timeline for follow-up. But what's great about Vinton is that after transcribing the call, Vinton will suggest next steps from the overall conversation. These next steps can be converted to Salesforce tasks at the click of a button. Vinton will also suggest a follow-up email which means you can follow-up even faster than before.

Check out the full article from Salesforce.

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