Happy New Year! We have some exciting news.

A new year, a new partnership…ServiceMax. We have partnered with ServiceMax to integrate our amazing Servicevideo solution.

ServiceMax digitialises the Field Service industry to make their customer and field service agent lives easier and more productive.

One of their key platforms to empower their field service agent is their ServiceMax Asset 360 platform for Salesforce.

ServiceMax technology partners page screenshot

This solution enables service field agents to be transparent, agile and work efficiently by implementing a platform compatible with Salesforce.

So how are we helping ServiceMax’s Asset 360 Platform?

They say a picture says a thousand words; therefore, a video must say a million more!

We, as human beings, are empathic creatures. We respond to stories, since they create trust between individuals and the wider community. On top of that fact, everyone today is using video on a daily basis to absorb content and information or record important, memorable moments.

By installing our Servicevideo solution via the AppExchange, we empower field service agents to transform customer experience. Our "point and click" video technology is designed to enhance service value, resolve customer disputes and provide a compliant audit trail, all while staying within ServiceMax. This effectively benefits field agents who use ServiceMax for point-of-service record-keeping.

You will not be toggling between different systems and apps!

Nativevideo incorporates video into the work process of a field technician, natively and directly within ServiceMax Asset 360 mobile software. Servicevideo enables an intuitive video-based guided procedure. It uses a simple point and click video which enables the field service technician to complete an accurate debrief, as well as documenting and communicating effectively with the customer. This is all done effortlessly using AI Technology that analyses their recorded and saved videos directly in the related object, Servicevideo transcribes this audio and enriches the results, actions and observations from this visit.

It's simple to use, provides powerful results and produces a permanent record for compliance and dispute resolution. There’s no need to be worried about transferring or uploading data into ServiceMax, since the video is captured and available in your ServiceMax Asset360 Platform.

Interested? Get in touch today for a demo, we’d love to show you around!

Lastly, but most importantly, we just wanted to take a moment to say a special thanks to all those in the ServiceMax Partnership team!

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