Happy New Year from the Nativevideo Team 🎇

In case you missed our Holidays message video at the end of 2022, you can watch the full video here!

We’re starting off the new year on a high and since 2022 was such an exciting year, we wanted to give back to the planet. With the help of One Tree Planted, Nativevideo is gifting 23 trees to the Amazon Rainforest on behalf of the whole “Nativevideo Community”🌎

Screenshot of Nativevideo's Latest Product release video

Thank you for being part of the Nativevideo journey and staying up to date with us. We look forward to giving you more fun and insightful content this year.

Happy 2023 again from all of us at Nativevideo.

Begin 2023 with quality data using a quality solution, like Alfred, our Salesforce PA!

In December you heard us talk about Alfred, our voice-based, AI-powered solution that automates Salesforce updates and keeps your Org current.

💡Salesforce Users spend 25% of their working day on administrative tasks, draining their resources and time.

What if admin tasks were automated? How much time would your team recover to focus on Sales targets and business goals? Here is where Alfred comes in.

Alfred automates Salesforce updates and calls-to-actions, maintains complete data, inputs tasks and reminder information (handsfree), and is accessible from inside Salesforce. We agree that Alfred is certainly “the simplest and most effective app” out there for all Salesforce users and is the best New Years gift to all Salesforce Users.

Still unsure about Alfred? Let's see what others say about it

Alfred was launched at Salesforce Live in November of 2022 where the Nativevideo team received fantastic feedback. Here are our favourite responses about Alfred and its quick, effective, user-supportive functionality.

  • “Wow my team would really love this, we need it NOW!” (Paul, VP Sales)
  • “It’s incredible that Salesforce wouldn’t have this as standard for all users!” (Rachel, Head of Operations)
  • “No more excuses for not updating Salesforce, no more: empty fields, empty Pipe, love it!” (Matt, CRO)
  • “This is the simplest and most effective App that I have seen in a long time!” (Simon, CEO)

Contact us today to hear more about Alfred or arrange a demo to experience our Salesforce-native, AI-based, audio, User Personal Assistant solution 1 on 1.

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