Please note: Alfred is now called Vinton but this blog was published prior to the name change.

Well, we’re approaching the end of another year and what a year it has been for Nativevideo. This year saw us pivot the business to launch Alfred (now known as Vinton) alongside our video solutions, bringing meeting productivity and time-savings to businesses.

Our team would like to say a huge thank you to all of our customers and friends, and wish you a wonderful holiday season.

Alfred’s 2023 journey

Alfred launched on the AppExchange in April 2023, with an initial purpose for audio notetaking, transcription and using AI to generate summaries, follow-up emails and next steps.

In June, Luca participated in the London’s Calling Demo Jam and his demo of Alfred won the “App the Audience Loved”!

In September, in time for Dreamforce, Alfred gained fantastic new features for call recording, incorporating the same transcription, summaries, next steps and emails that it creates for notes but for your prospect, client and internal meetings.

Alfred reviews

Thank you to all of our lovely users who took the time to review Alfred on the AppExchange, Capterra and G2. We always love to hear from our users.

What’s coming next for Alfred?

The team continues to develop important features to help both users and managers to understand customers better. We’ll be bringing some exciting developments to Alfred in 2024:

  • Call content sharing
    Need to share your call recording and summary with someone outside of your business? We’ll be adding a sharing function to your calls.
  • Phone call integration
    Alfred won’t be just for video calls. You’ll be able to record phone calls through CTI and Alfred will transcribe and summarise those conversations.
  • Call analysis
    Within Salesforce, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the calls you and your team are having, for example understanding how much time was spent discussing key topics.
  • Team activity analysis
    We’ll help managers understand their teams activities, enabling them to coach and nurture when it’s required.

Get our free Alfred Mobile App for note taking

Available for Android and iOS, our free Alfred app allows you to record audio notes into your phone that Alfred transcribes, summarises, creates a follow-up email and next steps – just like it does in Salesforce.

A standalone app, it’s a great way to easily get a taste of how Alfred works before installing it in your Salesforce org. Install it and try out its audio notetaking!

Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store

Note: if you already have Alfred installed in your Salesforce Org, you can use Alfred inside the Salesforce mobile app. Instructions for setting that up are here.

Our year in numbers

13,631 videos processed

Nativevideo has processed over 13,000 videos in 2023. Our processing compresses videos so they take up less space. Our videos are playable within your Salesforce Org.

3,357 audios processed

Alfred has processed over 3,000 audio notes since its launch. The audio notes are transcribed, then the AI summarises the note, adds suggested next steps and drafts a follow-up email.

146,562 minutes captured

We’ve captured over 145,000 minutes of audio and video footage for our clients to access in their Org.

1,370% user growth

We’ve massively grown the number of active monthly users on all of our solutions.

TalentVideo resurgence

Our Talentvideo (now TalentV) solution has seen a resurgence in 2023 with a 20x increase in enquiries! New clients are to both record short asynchronous video interviews (ideal for the initial phase of recruiting from remote locations) and the need to capture video interviews with transcripts, summaries and interview notes, whilst storing all of this candidate and interview information in once central location – Salesforce – which helps considerably with compliance.

If you’re looking to enhance your recruitment processes in 2024, take a look at TalentV on the AppExchange.

Innovating the capture of consumer insights

One major project we’ve worked on this year is a customer research platform for a global food brand. Called Antenna and powered by Nativevideo and Alfred, this solution leverages video and audio to present new food concepts to customers, whilst capturing their initial impressions, including sentiment, for the new concept.

The platform is a speedier way of gaining customer feedback on food concepts, allowing the elimination of unpopular concepts at an early stage.

Our best wishes for 2024

We wish you all the very best for 2024 and hope to see many of you in person at Salesforce events during the year.

And a Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! 🎄🎆