Over March and April our COO and Co-Founder, Luca Benini, will be doing a social campaign on his personal LinkedIn called “Can your Salesforce do this?” Make sure you keep an eye out for it!

In his LinkedIn series, Luca explores and shows how our 3 solutions, Servicevideo, Talentvideo and Leadgenvideo, (plus our Nativevideo functionality) empowers your internal and external users to maintain compliance, security and transparency in your org and with customers.

Illustration of the Nativevideo platform

Let’s dive into our solutions to learn about the value they can add to your Salesforce Org. and your overall experience.

Nativevideo solution functionality

Nativevideo provides a set of functionalities which sits on top of your Salesforce CRM (and/or your ServiceMax platform). This ability enables users to add videos to your Salesforce Org. easily and without using up your Salesforce storage. Our solution is native to Salesforce for all configurations, processes and metadata, but we handle hosting and streaming through our proprietary solution and securely connect it with your Org. With many finding high data costs associated with storing directly in Salesforce a problem, we built a solution to allow our users to:

  • Have no Salesforce storage expenses
  • Store all metadata in Salesforce
  • Record, upload, process and playback videos through Salesforce, from any Object, Cloud, and through any process
  • Use Salesforce security-approved and validated data models and functionalities
  • Have a straightforward per-user subscription, with unlimited videos

Learn more about our solution here.

It is on the functionalities unlocked by our technology that our proceeding 3 solutions work best.


An effective solution for the Field Service industries to enhance customer experience and make record-taking easier. Servicevideo integrates natively with Salesforce Service and Field Service, and all Salesforce-built FSM solutions, such as, ServiceMax. Servicevideo ensures:

  • Field engineers maintain accuracy, completeness and context in their records with a video
  • Risks are mitigated with video archives that can help answer customer questions and resolve post-service disputes
  • Field agents can assess relevant training videos which can be embedded where you need them most. This feature thereby allows agents to remain compliant to standards of practice
  • Trust, transparency and open dialogue is maintained between field services and customers which increases customer retention and revenue

Ultimately, Servicevideo empowers field agents and customers to work together and to resolve the problem in the best way possible. So, both customers and field agents have the best mutual experience from the service. Find out more here.


A great opportunity to create personal outreach correspondence with perspectives and existing customers. Leadgenvideo lets you:

  • Create video messages that get you closer to your customers
  • Increase engagement with leads up to +400% compared to text-only communication
  • Record personalised video messages directly from the Contact/Lead record and send these directly or share them using a secure link via WhatsApp or LinkedIn
  • Get view alerts and analytics when your message is played by a client or prospect

Leadgenvideo provides sales reps and other users with the ability to maintain positive and personal customer relationships. This doesn’t stop at the desktop or your desk, take Leadgenvideo with you on the fly, through the Salesforce Mobile App. Check it out on the AppExchange.


Speed up your recruitment processes using video interviews, with tailorable interview questions. Talentvideo provides users with:

  • Customisable video interviews to elevate candidate engagement and accelerate time-to-hire.
  • A landing page with the job description and a ‘welcome’ instruction video (optional but beneficial to candidates).
  • A one-click candidate experience on desktop and on mobile with the option of video and audio interviewing or an audio only interview for the camera-shy!
  • No need to download an app
  • Simple processes where candidates can click, answer, review and upload, while from a recruitment user point of view, all you need to do is review, approve and repeat.

Talentvideo can improve candidate uptake through video interviews which can be evaluated and collaborated on in your org, while an external, secure link can be sent to clients for review and approval, so you can move candidates on to the next step or remove them from the journey (rejection). Check out the full demo with our latest redesign and functionalities!

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