In this blog we’ll walk you step-by-step through setting up Vinton so that the Vinton bot joins your video calls to transcribe and summarise the conversations. If you prefer to watch a video of this walkthrough, visit this video call setup video page.

Note: You must already have completed the installation guide before you can proceed with this setup.

Step 1: Set up an Vinton email address

In order to invite Vinton to your video meetings, Vinton needs an email account. You should set Vinton up with a dedicated email account with its own calendar too.

Your email address can be anything you choose. For example vinton@[insertyourcompanydomainhere].com.

Step 2: Update Vinton admin settings

Go to the app launcher and choose Nativevideo Admin. Note: it’s important to open this in an incognito window. Log in again and then from the left options choose Vinton and then choose Calls from the tabs that appear.

  • Screenshot of the app launcher (9 dots) searching for Nativevideo admin

Step 3: Add your chosen name and email

Give your meeting bot a name e.g. Vinton Notetaker.

Then enter the email address you set up at step 1 for Vinton in your Org, and click Update.

Step 4: Consent to share data with AI services

Next you must consent to share your data with AI services. This is show that Vinton can generate call summaries and meeting insights.

Step 5: Gmail or Outlook

After you’ve clicked update you then need to Configure Vinton Calls and will be asked if you’re connecting via Gmail or Outlook. For the purposes of this step-by-step guide, we’ve chosen Gmail. You should select the email provider that you used for creating the Vinton email for your company.

Step 5: Sign in to your account

Next you’ll be asked to sign into the Vinton email account and allow Nativevideo to access the Vinton Google or Outlook account that you’ve set up. Nativevideo will need access to to view events in the Vinton calendar. Once that’s done, Vinton is ready to invite to meetings.

To invite Vinton, you simply start a new meeting invitation and invite the Vinton email address to your meeting. Vinton requests to join your call and you click Admit to have Vinton join as a silent participant.