Please note: Alfred is now called Vinton but this blog was published prior to the name change.

In this blog we’ll walk you step-by-step through creating recording hints for Alfred, so that when people record an Alfred note, they are prompted with suggestions of what to include in the note. You’ll need to have followed the Alfred installation before creating recording hints.

We have a video explainer as well, so if you prefer to watch that, go here.

Step 1: Go to the Nativevideo Admin area

Click on the app launcher and choose Nativevideo admin.

Screenshot of Salesforce with the the app launcher (9 dots) open

Step 2: Select Alfred from the list

Now choose Alfred from options on the left and you’ll see Recording Hints is the first tab shown.

Step 3: Add New Recording Hint

Click the blue +New Recording Hint button.

You then need to add the details for your hint.

  • Give it a title. This is what will appear above the list of recording hints.
  • Give it a codename. This is needed for when you edit the page to indicate when this recording hint should appear.
  • Set the status to Active.
  • Add the items for your recording hints. In this example we’ve used BANT – Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline as reminders for things that should be included. This is very sales related but you could create recording hints for interview notes, or for customer success.

Finally click +Save Recording Hint.

Screenshot of Salesforce Nativevideo Admin panel, setting up recording hints

You’ll then see your new recording hint listed. There might be other recording hints available too. You can customise when each set of hints appears.

Screenshot within Salesforce of a list of Recording hints in Nativevideo admin

Step 4: Editing pages to display recording hints

Let’s take a look at how to display recording hints on a page. In this example we’re on a Contact page and we go to Setup and Edit Page.

Salesforce screenshot of a Contact page and where to Edit it

Step 5: Adding and editing the Alfred Recorder component

Once editing the page, you can drag and drop the Alfred Recorder on to the page. In this example we actually have three Alfred Recorder components on the page, because each one displays in different circumstances.

Click on one of the Alfred Recorders and you can edit the settings on the right. This is where you add the codename for your new hint e.g. Bant.

screenshot of a Salesforce page being edited to add the recording hints

Step 6: Set component visibility

Click to Add Filter and specify your criteria for your hint to appear. In this example we’re having the MeetingDebrief recording hints show up when the record type is not equal to prospect.

Then click Save to save your page changes.

Salesforce screenshot for setting component visibility on a page

Step 7: Check your recording hints in a new note

Navigate to a record that matches your component visibility criteria and click Hey Alfred in the Alfred Recorder. You’ll then see the recording hints you specified should appear.

Salesforce screenshot for a contact with an audio note recording hints showing

Note: if you do not add Recording Hints to your Alfred component, when you click Hey Alfred, recording will start immediately. If you do add Recording Hints to Alfred, then your recording will only start when you click the microphone button.

For more information on setting up Alfred, visit our video gallery or read more quick start blogs.

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