Please note: Alfred is now called Vinton but this blog was published prior to the name change.

If you’re using the Salesforce Email Connector for Outlook or Gmail you can add Alfred (now known as Vinton) as a component in the connector so that you can view existing recordings from your mailbox, or create Alfred notes directly from your email client.

Here’s how to set up the email integration. A video explainer of this can be found here.

Step 1: Go to Setup and search for Gmail or Outlook

Setting up email integration title

In our example, we’re showing how to set up the integration for Gmail, but the same process applies for Outlook.

First go to Setup in Salesforce and search for Gmail (or Outlook). You will likely already turned on the integration if you’re using the connector in your mail client.

Scroll down the page until you get to the Email Application Panes section.

  • Salesforce screenshot pf Setup and searching for gmail in the quick find box
  • Salesforce screenshot of the Gmail integration setup
  • Salesforce screenshot of Gmail integration and sync and the email application panes

Step 2: Edit the Application Pane

Click the small drop down button next to the default application pane, and Edit. A new tab will open.

Salesforce screenshot of the Setup for Gmail with the Actions drop down highlighted for the Email Application Pane Default

Step 3: Using Lightning App Builder to add the Alfred component

When you click Edit, the new tab opens Lightning App Builder and you can drag and drop the components you want to add to the Salesforce Email Connector component. Add both the Alfred Player and Alfred Recorder. You should put the Alfred Recorder top most. Save your changes.

Salesforce screenshot Salesforce lightning app builder showing how to add the Alfred player and Recorder to a page

Step 4: How it looks in Gmail

Returning to email client, you can see how the Alfred component looks in the Salesforce email connector. Alfred will show notes and calls related to the sender of the email you’re looking at.

So in the example below, Catherine is the sender so we can see the calls and notes related to Catherine.

Salesforce screenshot of an example email received and any related calls showing in the Salesforce Gmail connector component.

Step 5: Creating a note directly from the email connector

Click the Hey Alfred button to create a new audio note which will be saved against the record of the email sender whose email you’re viewing. In this example it’s still Catherine as the sender.

Salesforce screenshot showing an audio recording being made directly from Gmail via the Salesforce Gmail Connector component

Step 6: How the recorded note looks in Salesforce

Here we’re looking at Catherine’s record and we can see the audio note that we recorded from our email connector but now showing in Salesforce.

Salesforce screenshot of a User in Salesforce with related calls and notes to the right of the record