In just under 2 weeks’ time join us via LinkedIn to hear how you can build the foundation for AI in your Salesforce Org.

Date: Tuesday 14th May, 4pm BST / 11am EDT / 8am PDT

The importance of managing data to successfully implement Generative AI cannot be understated. To transform your business, Gen AI requires timely, accurate and complete data. Without this, AI won’t have a clear picture of your customer, nor your business.

In this LinkedIn Live, we’ll be joined by Data8 to explore ways to improve data recency and data quality in your Salesforce Org, setting the stage for the Einstein 1 AI platform. And importantly, we’ll identify ways to get your data in order, even while increasing the productivity of your teams!

It’s easy to sign up to the event. Just go to LinkedIn and click Attend.

Image promotes our building the foundation for AI LinkedIn live event with pictures of the speakers Luca Benini and David Gill, alongside the Vinton and Data8 logos

Q1 done!

What a big quarter our Q1 was for Vinton, and not just because of the new name.

We signed our biggest Vinton deal so far and it’s an interesting variation on the “obvious” Sales use case. Our new client is using Vinton in customer support video calls. Their First-line support often helps customers via screen-share. Recording these calls, transcribing, generating smart notes and adding all this data directly into the Case provides our client with detailed insights in Salesforce about each issue. This use of Vinton delivers:

  • Increased efficiency: helps the support team save on average around 5 to 10 minutes after each call thanks to automated note-taking
  • Better productivity: helps support team managers identify and understand how to solve common issues raised

  • More visibility:
    gives second-line support factual, detailed video captures that outline the issue, making it clear why there’s a need for escalation
  • Team growth: facilitates coaching and training opportunities by delivering a clear perspective of how the call, questions and objections were handled
  • Richer data: enriches the Salesforce Org with high-quality data to fuel AI-driven insights

New Vinton customer reviews

We received some great new feedback from customers in Q1, with the latest just in from Terry Lydon, CEO of APPropoz Solutions:

"In addition to great notetaking for our Zoom calls, Vinton does a great job in summarizing the call.

One of my favorite features is the automated "To Do" list based on the conversation during the call. This is a reminder of each task that is promised, and the responsible person.

We also save tremendous time by having Salesforce records updated with the call info. The link for the external attendees is very well put together in a notebook fashion. Great service as well!"

Terry Lydon, CEO, APPropoz Solutions

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