Salesforce’s World Tour was in town and it was our second Salesforce event of June!

Nativevideo was excited to attend Salesforce’s World Tour London in-person at ExCel on 29th June, and share our perspective on Einstein GPT and how companies can get ready for it. The first step is sorting out their data! But it is not just us saying this. Marc Benioff had the same message, back on 12th June at Salesforce AI Day in New York. He said, “As every customer is preparing for generative AI, they must get their data together. They must organise and prepare their data.” (12th June 2023).

Slide of signage showing World Tour London

London World Tour - what’s trending?

Firstly, World Tours are full day in-person (and virtual) events, with over 70 sessions of content geared towards helping everyone succeed. Attendees could explore demo booths, industry specific content, and hear from Trailblazers from across the UK and Ireland. Recap the full agenda here or check out the speaker sessions on Salesforce+.

Photo of a slide from a presentation about Generative AI

You may already be gearing up for Generative AI or at the very least, seen it splashed across Salesforce’s social platforms, events and articles. There’s no way to escape Generative AI and Einstein GPT, especially since ChatGPT has over 100 million users!

The World Tour keynote speaker was Zahra Bahrololoumi CBE, Salesforce UK/I CEO. Bahrololoumi wowed the vast crowds at the keynote session with the work Salesforce has already done in integrating Generative AI and, in particular, Einstein GPT, with their Clouds. During the keynote, Salesforce leaders also discussed the security and trust measures taken to ensure customer data privacy and integrity. Which is critical since there is a customer-company trust gap especially with the rise of AI, with 59% of customers not trusting companies with their data.

Photograph of Zahra Bahrololoumi's presentation at Salesforce World Tour London

While at the event, the Content Pavilion and Campground, opened up the Cloud and productivity possibilities of AI, with numerous stalls and sessions dedicated to AI and Einstein GPT.

A several notable sessions showcased Einstein GPT Prompt Studio, and the layers of trust, security and filtering that happen behind the scenes and within a second of clicking any prompt, to ensure that no toxicity or customer data problems arise. Check out the photos below to see how Salesforce manages AI integrity and user trust via Prompt Studio and filter magic.

Photograph of a slide from Salesforce World Tour titled "How the Einstein GPT Trust Layer Enables Secure Dynamic Grounding"
Slide showing prompt studio upcoming features

The World Tour lived up to our expectations of deep diving into AI and Einstein GPT developments, and highlighted the need for Salesforce customers and ISVs to move towards Einstein GPT readiness. We know the importance of reliable, complete and quality data in our Salesforce database. Since Einstein GPT is inevitable, data quality has never been more imperative. Nativevideo understands that it may be daunting for some companies as they don’t know where to start. We have successfully solved that worry in two ways.

  1. We’ve created a comprehensive White Paper about Einstein GPT readiness. Grab our White Paper today to learn some easy but key ways to get Einstein GPT ready today.
  2. We have launched a new solution that is giving companies a great starting point to relaunch their data strategy! Our AI and audio solution, Alfred, is the #1 Salesforce productivity, efficiency and adoption app that’s native to Salesforce and compatible with any Cloud. Get Einstein GPT ready with Alfred’s handy and easy one-click-to-speak solution that captures data effectively via audio recorded notes:

How does Alfred fit into Salesforce’s AI wave?

Alfred plays a crucial role in enabling Einstein GPT to maximise its impact and potential in Salesforce. Alfred enables users to capture, via our audio and AI integration, in-moment updates and notes to ensure Salesforce remains complete with up-to-date information and data. This will greatly support Einstein GPT, since Einstein GPT extracts in-Org data and knowledge to compose insights, predictions, and recommendations.

Alfred, our Salesforce productivity app, uses audio and AI integrated technology:

  • It extracts key details to form an Exec. Summary, Next Steps and a follow-up email ready to send.
  • Is Einstein GPT-ready and makes your company Einstein GPT ready!
  • Supports Einstein GPT's ability to make predictions and recommendations as it provides quality, contextualised data in Salesforce via audio notes.
  • Empowers users to capture updates and notes in Salesforce to ensure it remains complete with up-to-date information and data.
  • Converts AlfredNotes (voice recorded notes) into smart-text Salesforce updates and text-based notes. All AI generated smart text is co-piloted by you, giving you control over Alfred's final text-based results.
  • Understands more than 30 languages.
  • Is available for free on the AppExchange.

Get started fee today with Alfred from Salesforce AppExchange, or contact us directly to learn about about how Alfred can get you Einstein GPT ready today.

Illustration of a conversation happening on a video call, and captured in Salesforce

Did World Tour London live up to all the hype?

Yes! Salesforce leaders and professionals shared some incredible AI insights and gave us a glimpse into Salesforce’s AI future with new Clouds (AI Cloud, Data Cloud, Tableau Pulse, Sales Cloud Unlimited, Marketing Cloud GPT, etc.) and gave us the opportunity to share our perspective on Einstein GPT through our White Paper. We discussed prevalent CRM problems and showed quick and effective solutions Salesforce users can action now to ensure they are Einstein GPT ready. Our comprehensive White Paper dives into the details of how users can get Einstein GPT ready today.

Check out our latest White Paper on Einstein GPT readiness to start your new data strategy journey!

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