How do you navigate your way around in places such as New York, Los Angeles, Colorado or London? Do any of these location apps sound familiar?

  • Google Maps
  • Waze
  • Citymapper
  • Apple Maps
  • what3words
Pinpoint asset location image

For daily travel assistance I am sure, like me, you use a combination of location apps. We are not alone! Field Service companies are also looking at different geolocation systems to improve their services, which I am sure you may already know…


A geocode system designed to identify any location with a resolution and accuracy of approximately three metres (9.8 ft). It is particularly useful for Field Service organisations, emergency services , delivery companies and the general public. However, what3words, provides Field Service operations specifically with a pinpoint to the exact locations of an asset, issue, vehicle, or work site entrance, where a traditional street address is insufficient.

For instance, let us consider a large industrial field where each asset is associated with its own three words, on top of, an address. The benefit of what3words, is that it uniquely identifies the asset location (the one in need of maintenance) through the three key words generated for its precise location. No more driving aimlessly around wasting precious service time.


A specialist software company that provides Geographic Information System (GIS) software, that is a key location component for industries such as Utilities, Oil & Gas and Construction for their Field Service teams. It is a powerful pioneering analytic and mapping software (ArcGIS) that ensures the accuracy and proficiency of their geolocation information. The added value of Esri GIS systems for Field Services, in particular, is that it enables them to add layers of information for underground excavations and assets location. An example of this is that it provides valuable details which can help Field agents identify where and how much to excavate to find a specific cable or pipe. Thereby, benefitting not only the customers’ peace of mind but also the Field Service agency, since no insurance claims for damages will be called for.

The impact of geolocation solutions with Nativevideo

The data generated and provided by what3words and the ArcGIS system from Esri, can be integrated with our Servicevideo solution. Your Field Service agents can work in accurate and detailed geo-locations, plus, record and upload videos of the now fixed asset or service, directly and natively in Salesforce and/or ServiceMax no matter the location or proximity to WIFI connection.

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Servicevideo is a great solution for Field Service organizations. It makes servicing customers easy and simple as both customers and field service agents can see and assess the situation without unnecessary field visits, or if a field visit is needed, record the progress and completion of the job.

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