Maxmizing user adoption with AI in Salesforce webinar title

We're really excited to co-hosting a session dedicated to AI and Salesforce adoption with Salesforce Ben next week. The session, a LinkedIn Live event, is called "Maximizing user adoption with AI in Salesforce" and is scheduled for Wednesday 1st November at 4pm (9am PDT).

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on everyone's radar and there is no question that it already is, or will, have an impact on all businesses. Harnessing the power of AI can be transformative for a business, whether that's through increasing efficiency and effectiveness of teams or better understanding of customers and ecosystem.

At this session, we'll be talking to Ben about improving user adoption in Salesforce using artificial intelligence and automation to ensure that Salesforce doesn't just become an empty vessel with no meaningful data. This is all the more important with the advent of Einstein GPT. As Marc Benioff said, "As every customer is preparing for generative AI, they must get their data together. They must organise and prepare their data."

Poor user adoption will result in poor quality data and insights in Salesforce. It's imperative that businesses ensure effective adoption of Salesforce and renew their data strategy to gain the competitive advantage that GPT will bring.

A report commissioned by Odaseva with Forrester reported that 47% of enterprises do not trust CRM data. Ensuring that users understand what processes are essential, what data is required by the Org and when and how it's captured is fundamental to the success of any CRM implementation and, realistically, to business success. And introducing AI to enable more effective ways to adopt Salesforce, leads to capturing the important client and partner information your business needs.

Join us for the LinkedIn Live session and hear our discussion with Salesforce Ben on how to maximize user adoption using AI.

  • Maximizing User Adoption with AI in Salesforce
  • Date: Wednesday 1st November 2023
  • Time: 4pm GMT / 9am PDT

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