This blog will only pick out some of the key predictions from the article, read the whole article from Salesforce in full here: The Future of Tech According to Salesforce – Predictions & Trends to Watch in 2023.

Salesforce has released its Technology and Business forecasting predictions for 2023, and we wanted to share our key takeaways with you:

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  • Investment in automation will dramatically increase, as companies aim to “do more with less”,
  • Automation and AI will transform User and Customer Experiences, as well as increase revenue,
  • Digital Darwinism - companies will have to keep evolving and rapidly changing their technology, services and solutions to maintain with what’s current in technology and what society demands,
  • Salesforce is pushing for a more intuitive Customer Service Experience in 2023,
  • Climate Action will become part of company values and ethics for many businesses,
  • Users will have more trust, confidence and accessibility to their data than before.

But how is Nativevideo already in line with these predictions? How are we already meeting them?

Nativevideo is leveraging Salesforce technology and meeting many of these predictions and others from the article. Our solutions are already part of the digital transformation process of so many businesses. Two of our solutions, in particular, meet these predictions the most. They are Servicevideo and Alfred:

  • Servicevideo is an in-field video capture solution that provides visual evidence and documentation of on-site projects and in-field visits. Therefore, allowing Field Service businesses to have better Customer-Company visibility.
  • Alfred, the Salesforce PA, our newest innovative solution automates Salesforce updates with its audio-recording and AI-powered technology with transcriptions, summary, sentiment and next steps automatically extracted and added to the related Contact/Opportunity or Service Order.

Now we’ve explained Servicevideo and Alfred a little more, let’s delve into how Servicevideo and Alfred meet the key predictions we’ve gathered from the Salesforce article.

Servicevideo enables Customers and Companies to have more centralised and trusted data, as both Users and Customers have visual records and documentation of visits and project progress. It allows in-field and in-office teams to have mutual access to the video records and reports, so office teams provide better and more tailored Services to Customers. Using Servicevideo technicians can record videos following pre-built procedures and checklists, documenting their service and visits, providing unprecedented transparency and visibility to Customers.

An added feature of Servicevideo is that customers can also record and submit a video of their asset problems directly to technicians via Salesforce. Enabling technicians to be more efficient by gaining much-needed information before going out on a call, or even empowering technicians to help Customers fix their problems virtually. In this way, Servicevideo reduces truck roll, paper pollution and air pollution through technicians having more intel on assets/projects before turning the key in their vehicles. In essence, Servicevideo is 2023-ready and already able to provide Salesforce Users with better Customer Experiences and enable Users to have greater trust in their collected data. As well as giving Field Service businesses the ability to “do more with less” and make a positive impact on climate action.

Alfred is our latest solution and shows how Nativevideo helps our Customers keep up with Digital Darwinism. Alfred is a new and exciting example of the AI and automation revolution. It enables Users to fulfil the Salesforce prerogative of doing more with less, as Users are empowered with Alfred to be more efficient and improve their data quality with one click. Alfred creates automated updates, actions, and tasks from Users’ audio-recorded notes.

Our Salesforce PA uses the audio transcriptions to create Salesforce tasks, reminders, meetings, etc., for Users in Sales, Field Service and Customer Service. As a result of more complete fields in Salesforce, from Work Orders to Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities, Users will have more centralised, completed, accurate, accessible, and trusted data. Since up to 90% of data in Salesforce is incomplete, outdated and soon unusable Alfred is definitely 2023-ready. Users are able to do more with less, provide better Customer Experience and have greater data trust with completed fields.

Interested to find out more? Get in touch with us to hear about how Nativevideo can help your organisation be 2023-ready!

Here’s how Brian Solis, VP & Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, summarises the need for all businesses to keep innovating:

“To survive and thrive, businesses must adapt to the pace at which technology influences how society and technology evolves. And to do this, businesses need to be bolder and wiser than their peers. Smart companies will reallocate resources to build the business of the future, today.”

See you in 2023 with more automation, innovation, and business transformation!

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