A quick post to give a big THANK YOU for all the support for our NativeVideo solution and technology that allowed us to win another DemoJam!

Big THANK YOU to the Supermums, especially Heather and Abigail for the amazing organization of the virtual event, and to Eric and Christine for being such amazing hosts!

And once again a huge THANK YOU to the audience that attended the virtual event and voted for us and our use-case.

Screenshot of a video vault in Salesforce

What we presented was a straightforward use case for many of our customers, creating and sending a video message easily and directly from inside your Salesforce Platform.

Check out the 3 minutes video (all the time you are allowed for a DemoJam) to learn more how a simple solution can transform Customer Experience and deliver great engagement and impact with a couple of clicks.

Get in touch today with your feedback and thoughts, and let's talk about your video strategy!

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