We are still buzzing from our London’s Calling Demo Jam win!

The Nativevideo team wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to all who voted for us on the day. We’re so happy and excited that you like Alfred. Here’s to enhanced productivity, efficiency and data quality in Salesforce!

We also wanted to congratulate Gearset who won the App the audience would most likely implement. The Demo Jam competition this year was tough, with so many fantastic and innovative apps on display from fellow contestants Breadwinner, OwnBackup, WithSecure, SharinPix, QKom GmbH and Revenue Grid.

Alfred powered by Nativevideo Demo Jam Winner at London's Calling

What is London’s Calling?

On Friday 9th June, Nativevideo attended London’s Calling here in London. It is an in-person (it was also live streamed), community-led event based in London for the Salesforce community. The day-long event gave attendees the chance to learn from the numerous speaker sessions, network with fellow ISVs and customers, and ultimately have some fun.

Francis Pindar and the London’s Calling Team, opened the event and introduced the Demo Jam. Eight contestants, including Nativevideo, demoed their solution for 3-minutes before the Community voted which solution they loved and which they would implement immediately. Afterwards, the speaker sessions started! Shout out to the amazing speakers from Salesforce Ben, ProvenWorks and independent consultants and experts, who took to the stage in 20-minute knowledge bit sessions. Topics discussed included productivity hacks, creating empathetic use cases, and Einstein GPT for developers. Nativevideo was very interested in the Einstein GPT session, as it showed snippets of Einstein GPT working inside Salesforce Objects. We believe Alfred will complement and support Einstein GPT functionality. How? Alfred inputs critical, quality data to boost EinsteinGPT effectiveness. Check out the links below to learn more about Alfred and getting EinsteinGPT ready.

London’s Calling closed with a hilarious stand-up sketch by TV and Stand-Up comedian, Mark Watson, along with an ‘afterparty’!

Why was Nativevideo at London’s Calling?

We participated in the Demo Jam where we introduced Alfred, an automated, audio and AI powered solution to Salesforce users and the community. The Demo Jam was only 3-minutes long but we made the audience fall in love with Alfred's AI and audio functionality. We showed how Alfred optimises Salesforce user productivity, efficiency and data quality while being a Salesforce-native solution. The Salesforce community loved Alfred so much that we won the Demo Jam! Nativevideo was also there to listen and learn from the speaker sessions, and connect with other Salesforce Community members.

Where can I learn more about Alfred, the Salesforce-native Audio and AI solution?

Here are 4 things you can do today:

  1. Watch our award-winning demo from Salesforce’s London’s Calling event on YouTube (the video above).
  2. Learn more about Alfred here.
  3. Install Alfred to transform your Salesforce data quality and user productivity from the AppExchange and get your Org. EinsteinGPT ready.
  4. Arrange a quick demo with us to hear more about Alfred.


London’s Calling was a great day for Nativevideo and the Salesforce community. With insightful speaker events and networking opportunities to inspire, motivate and action innovation. Nativevideo would like to say a huge “thank you” to the London's Calling team for organising this event and allowing us to participate. We look forward to the next one in June. How does Salesforce’s World Tour in London sound?

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