The AppExchange Live is complete!

On Thursday 11th May, the Nativevideo team attended AppExchange Live here in London, where we also introduced Alfred to the London-based Salesforce community. We heard some inspiring keynotes and interacted with some fantastic fellow ISVs and customers.

What is AppExchange Live?

Attendees from the Salesforce ecosystem in London gathered in-person on the 11th May to interact and learn about the benefits of Salesforce AppExchange solutions and the customer-centric value it can create. The event was useful and valuable. It highlighted the success and need for ISV solutions to support customers and clients to be more productive, organised and customer focused.

Photograph of Luca Benini and Maggie Alphonsi

Salesforce and Customer Centricity: How customer focused are your solutions, really?

Virginia Matassa and Marco Kuster from Salesforce shared some impressive facts and figures in the morning keynote session. This was before breakout rooms and networking opportunities. Attendees heard from Salesforce customers and ISVs who have experienced success on the platform during the breakout sessions as well. Shout out to Improved Apps, Farfetch and many more clients who participated in the breakout rooms. They discussed the plethora of ways different AppExchange solutions from ISVS allowed them to scale their businesses, organise their operations, reach more customers and meet their business goals!

The event closed with an inspiring and fun keynote, presented by rugby world champion, MBE and now rugby pundit, Maggie Alphonsi. She gave a remarkable keynote highlighting the importance of leadership and how her own journey has given her this type of experience and insight into leadership. Maggie spoke about how " leadership is more than you (the leader), it's about inspiring and empowering others to reach and achieve their fullest potential". A certain statement stuck with us and relates beautifully to customer centricity for businesses. It is, "Best teams are those who understand their teams' 'WHY'". Understanding why your customers or clients make the choices, actions and decisions they do, helps ISVs understand how to meet their needs. This helps ISVs be better partners with customers and propel them forward in their business journeys.

Photo of a slide at an event - the slide says "The Customer Success Gap"

Why was Nativevideo at AppExchange Live?

Nativevideo was there to introduce Alfred, an automated, audio and AI powered solution to Salesforce users and community members. The event focused on customer-centricity, which is very fitting since Alfred exists to make lives easier for the clients by serving the needs of their customers. Alfred effortlessly updates Salesforce Object data and information from an audio-recorded note (AlfredNote). From that recorded note, Alfred extracts and organises the information into an Exec. Summary, Next Steps (actions to take going forward) and an auto-generated and created follow up email ready to be sent out to clients, customers or team members in seconds.

What do Salesforce ISVs and Leaders think of Alfred?

Below are only a few of the many quotes we received related to Alfred's business impact and user value.

"'s a game changer, I’m so so excited about it!”

"A help tool that can prevent admin burnout"

"’s really amazing when it comes to Next Steps following a meeting or conversation with someone it's really easy to summarise the conversation…”

"...I think it's quite a cool idea not just for the sales guys but also for sales engineers, success teams, across the organisation…”

See our latest video summarising our experience at AppExchange Live, plus, hear more customer feedback about Alfred from the event too:

Where can I learn more about Alfred, your Salesforce native audio and AI solution?

If you are interested to learn more, check out Alfred on AppExchange now.

Or arrange a quick demo with us to see Alfred in action.

Was AppExchange Live worth it?

We think so!

AppExchange Live was an incredibly successful event that provided new insights into the power of Salesforce AppExchange. Fellow ISVs and Salesforce Customers heard from industry experts, learnt how to better leverage the AppExchange to get the most out of their solutions, and finally, we got inspired by one of Sport's greatest legends, Maggie Alphonsi, to finish. Those who attended left with a greater appreciation for the AppExchange, its solutions and Alfred!

Nativevideo would like to say a huge “thank you” to the AppExchange Live team for organising this event and allowing us to participate.

We look forward to the next one in June.

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