So…We went to the Field Service News Expo and Symposium last week up in Birmingham in the UK.

It was brilliant!! We had the opportunity to connect and have conversations with Field Service leaders and organisations about our latest innovations in video technology. Servicevideo and its key innovation of Guided Service Procedures was what we showcased and spoke about at the Expo.

Certificate of 20 trees planted with One Tree Planted

Guided Video Procedures for Servicevideo, is an all-on-one screen flow so there’s no switching screens between questions, and is there to assist Field technicians process and record their work/repair easily and transparently within Salesforce and ServiceMax. Guided procedures help generate better and longer-lasting customer experiences as well as create a way to differentiate your business from competitors. Within the functionality you can create and have your team follow guided procedure questions and answer them via video recordings, to ensure workforce compliance, the safety and security of your team, and to have a visual, accessible and fully-contextualised record of the work completed on site for the customer and your team’s benefit.

Nativevideo was hosted at the Field Service News Expo by ServiceMax representatives, Wendy Tai, Anthony Harris, Richard Moore and Mark Wilding. Thank you all for making our experience such a wonderful and insightful one!

While at the 2-day event, we were able to sit in on presentations and panel talks hosted by ServiceMax and other Field Service Professionals, on a variety of different Service related topics. Some include ‘Is Servitization A Journey or a Spectrum’ and we learnt how best to track customer value, but these are only a couple points.

Overall, the Field Service Expo experience was intriguing, exciting and informative as we got to hear what ServiceMax and other Field Service organisations had to say in their talks, discussion and demonstrations. What was equally interesting was learning how our Field Service relevant solution, Servicevideo, was in demand since it worked seamlessly with ServiceMax and Salesforce, as well as provided efficiency, visibility, sustainability and transparency to Field Service operations and organisations as a whole.

If you’re interested in learning more about Servicevideo, check out our solution on the AppExchange or arrange a demo of the product on our Contact us page.

Demonstrating Servicevideo’s latest video technology was not the only thing on our minds. As part of our campaign for the event, we promised to plant a tree in alliance with a reforestation charity we work with, One Tree Planted, for every handshake we had at the Expo. This was all with the aim of helping to reverse the effects of Climate Change and deforestation damage, usually one video at a time but, for this event, it was via one handshake at a time.

Sustainability and our pragmatic approach to Climate Change as a video technology company is one of our core values. Sustainability is also a core value of Salesforce too and recognised Nativevideo and Servicevideo as a Sustainable App. We received the All Star App for Sustainability Award and 2 positions on their specially curated Sustainable Apps page. Read up on this award fully in our celebratory blog or check out our Giving Back pledge on our website.

We keep our word to Sustainability and Climate Change action for the Planet.

As a result of the Expo and our promise about planting trees for every handshake we had, we planted 20 trees in the Amazon Rainforest with the help of One Tree Planted. Thank you all who stopped by and spoke to us at the ServiceMax booth!

After such a great event experience, we are looking forward to the next one!!

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