January has just ended and the Nativevideo team have already hosted their first webinar of the year!!

On Thursday 26th January, we held a 30 minute webinar on Salesforce +ChatGPT + Alfred, our AI-based and voice-activated solution.

The webinar was hosted by our Marketing Executive, Laura Truman, featuring Co-Founders, Luca Benini and Nick Tassini, as Key Speaking for the session. The final 10 minutes of the webinar was open to audience questions in a Q&A.

Screenshot of Nativevideo + Alfred video

It was great to host and participate in this fun, informative and insightful session! Plus, it was a wonderful opportunity for our attendees to learn insider tips and knowhow about Salesforce and ChatGPT integration and adoption.

The Webinar and Alfred (most importantly) received some great feedback!

“Mind blown!” “Lots of possibilities with Alfred.” “Love Alfred!” “Love the demo. I see lots of uses for Alfred.”

So, make sure you come along to our next one!

What did we talk about?

Recently, you may have noticed that ChatGPT AI technology has been all over social media, forums and other platforms, with many wondering and interested in knowing if Salesforce + ChatGPT AI can be joined together. While everybody has been talking about ChatGPT and Salesforce, Nativevideo has put it to work. We’ve developed and delivered an exceptionally efficient and effective solution for Sales and Service teams. It’s called Alfred meaning A: AI-based, L&F: Lightning Fast, R: Responsive, E: Efficient, D: Directly accessible inside Salesforce.

During the webinar, our Key Speakers, Luca Benini and Nick Tassini, discussed how and why AI technology + Salesforce can work cohesively together, and create useful and supportive solutions. We showed this possibility through a detailed demonstration of our latest innovative solution, which has AI technology and ChatGPT integrated into it. Most importantly to note is that Alfred, like our other 4 solutions, is native to the Salesforce platform and we were able to successfully show it to our attendees during the demo as well.

Our agenda for the webinar was as follows:

  • Welcome all!
  • Meet Alfred: A Demonstration of Alfred, showing how Nativevideo has successfully integrated AI with Salesforce and why it improves User Efficiency.
  • The art of the possible: AI Scenarios and Use Cases that transform Salesforce.
  • The webinar concluded with an interactive audience Q&A.

We had some great questions from the audience, here are some examples:

  • Can Alfred complete structured information?
  • Will Alfred integrate with Chatter?
  • What Service Cloud examples can you give? Is it possible to integrate Alfred with Service Cloud?

These questions created the opportunity for our Key Speaker, Luca Benini, to delve into the finer details of Alfred. From how Alfred adds value to Sales and Service, to the specifics of integrations and functionalities. In addition, these questions enabled us to share our vision about Alfred’s future.

Missed the big moment?

Don’t worry if you missed the webinar. You can see a recap demo of the session here.

If you have any questions about the webinar or the topics discussed, please feel free to contact us and ask your questions and queries. Or if you want to learn more about Alfred or any of our other four Salesforce-native solutions, please get in touch we’d love to hear from you!

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