It’s time to embrace AI. I doubt this is new news to anyone. “Suddenly AI is the fastest adopted business technology in history,” says Forbes. Salesforce titled the recent Dreamforce 2023 event as the “largest AI event of the year.

It’s obvious that AI is going to transform businesses but there are crucial basics that need to be covered in order for it to have the biggest impact.

“Data is the foundation of AI” said Salesforce’s UKI CEO Zahra Bahrololoumi at the 2023 London World Tour Event. And herein the age-old problem for customers: unless your data is accurate, recent, frequent and rich, the AI is going to be making predictions and providing insights that are not relevant to your business or customer.

And it’s this issue that we covered in both a recent LinkedIn Live and a new ebook.

Maximizing User Adoption with AI in Salesforce

In this LinkedIn Live with Salesforce Ben and Luca Benini, COO at Nativevideo, we covered the issues impacting user adoption in Salesforce and how AI can help you maximize user adoption. As you can from the session, Salesforce Ben also launched their new branding this week which we think looks fantastic!

Animated gif showing a demo from the Maximizing User Adoption with AI in Salesforce LinkedIn live session

Getting back to the main topic, fundamentally the lack of data captured in Salesforce is going to be a direct result of user adoption. As we highlight, it’s a vicious cycle that businesses need to move to a virtuous one.

A diagram depicting a vicious cycle versus a virtuous cycle when it comes to data in your CRM. Poor data - poor insights, quality data - accurate insights and increased adoption

With poor data going in, poor insights come out that result in poor decisions, a lack of trust in the data, and then teams wonder, “What’s the point?” in keeping the records up to date, and so the cycle continues. Whereas, when the data input is good quality, a virtuous cycle can be achieved.

In the LinkedIn Live session that you can access on demand, we cover three areas that can improve adoption among your teams:

  • Training for the future
  • Apply automation 1.0
  • Introduce automation 2.0 – using AI to drive adoption

Find out more by catching up with the LinkedIn Live session.

Ready, set, go for Einstein GPT

This week we published a new ebook to help organizations to prep the data in the Org for Einstein GPT. Covering similar points to the LinkedIn Live session, our ebook gives smart and simple suggestions for improving adoption and training in your Org, highlights the simple automations you can implement that will automatically improve data capture, and then introduces simple AI tools that will enrich customer data even further.

Ready Set Go Einstein GPT ebook illustration

Get the ebook now and start getting your Org ready for GPT.

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