These release notes relate to the following packages:

Product Previous version Latest version
Nativevideo 1.59.5 1.60.6
Vinton 1.27 1.28
TalentV 1.34 1.36

New features and improvements

Vinton tab

The Vinton Tab is a new part of the Nativevideo Admin interface, designed to enhance the user experience by providing a comprehensive overview of video meetings. This tab offers various features and tools to help users navigate, analyze, and manage video calls and audio recordings efficiently.

Key features

Meeting overview

  • The main section displays a video recording with the title and participants of the meeting prominently shown.
  • A summary of the meeting is provided, highlighting key points and decisions made during the discussion.

Time spent speaking

  • A pie chart visualizes the distribution of speaking time among participants, allowing users to quickly understand the engagement levels of each participant.

Meeting minutes

  • The meeting is broken down into time-stamped segments with descriptive labels.
  • Users can navigate through these segments to find specific parts of the meeting easily.

Key topics mentioned

  • A bar chart displays the top key topics discussed during the meeting.
  • This feature helps users quickly identify the main subjects covered.

Time spent speaking visualization

  • A visual representation of the time each participant spent speaking throughout the meeting, giving a detailed view of the conversation flow.

Recent meetings list

  • On the right, a list of meeting recordings is displayed, including the title, participants, duration, and date of the meeting.
  • This section allows users to quickly access their latest video content.

Introduction to Vinton tab for calls

Introduction to Vinton tab for notes

Displaying data for older calls

Search and filter

  • Users can filter by categories like “All,” “Calls,” and “Audio Notes” or they can search by keywords that will match content in the title, summary or follow-up email.
  • The right sidebar provides search and filter options to find specific meetings or audio notes.
  • With the new enhanced search feature, you can now search for keywords and phrases within the transcript.
Filtering and searching the list of calls and notes
Searching within a transcript

General improvements

  • Upgrade to GPT-4o: Upgraded the backend AI model to GPT-4o, providing more accurate and sophisticated language understanding capabilities.
  • Server-Side Pagination: Implemented server-side pagination to enhance performance and user experience.
  • TalentV Interview Recording Blurring: Implemented a feature to enable or disable blurring on interview recordings at the component level, giving users more control over their video content.
  • Conditional Generation of Insights: Introduced a feature that allows admins to opt-out of generating insights when they are not needed through the Nativevideo admin panel with SF.
  • Auto Deletion of Video Recordings: Added a feature that allows admins to define a specific number of days after which video records of the calls are automatically deleted.
  • Enhanced User Search Functionality: Improved the user search functionality by incorporating email as a unique identifier, making it easier to find and manage user records.

New config settings

Improved and enhanced search

We have made significant enhancements to our search functionality, providing a more comprehensive and efficient way to locate your audio notes and video calls. The updated search now includes the following features:

  • The search function now extends beyond just the titles of audio notes and video calls. It also matches keywords from the insights generated (summaries of the calls) and from the transcripts.
  • You can now search for specific keywords and phrases within the transcript itself, thanks to the new enhanced search feature.
  • With these improvements, users can experience a more intuitive and powerful search process, allowing for better navigation and management of audio/video content.

To take full advantage of these new capabilities, ensure that your search settings are properly configured to include insight and transcript data. Instructions for this are in the following section.

Important configuration updates

As part of this release, we have improved our search functionality to include insight and transcript data. This enhancement allows you to search within the transcript text, offering more comprehensive search results. To fully utilise this feature, you may need to manually update your search settings on certain objects, such as the transcript object. Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Go to the Object Manager and open these two objects.
    • Audio note transcript
    • Video insights
  2. Click on the “Edit Custom Object” button.
  3. Scroll down to the “Search Status” section.
  4. Check the “Enable Search” checkbox.
screenshot of audio note transcript settings

Figure 1: Navigate to Object Manager and click “Edit” to modify the Object.

Screenshot of audio note transcript with Allow Search to be checked

Figure 2: Enable search by checking the “Allow Search” checkbox in the Search Status section.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Share Page Issue: Resolved issues where the public share page had scroll issues and would not display correctly when no video was present.
  • Alfred to Vinton Name Updates: Updated all instances of “Alfred” to “Vinton” within the application for consistency and clarity.

Additional setup information

Find further instructions for setting up the latest version of Vinton:

Download the latest versions from the AppExchange:

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