Nativevideo has been accepted onto the Accelerate Grow 2023 Programme!

We got the news of acceptance back in January, then the program started in Mid- February so, it was very quick. But we’re excited and eager to participate in the program and learn great insights, advice, and know-how from Salesforce to support our business and product developments.

As this is a new opportunity for us, we wanted to keep a log or diary of events (just of things we are allowed to share) and take you along this journey with us. Accelerate Grow is a 9-week programme.

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To effectively record the experience, we will separate our experience into 3 entries each covering the last 3 weeks. This way we can better record key topics of discussion and fun events.

Since this is the first instalment, today's entry will cover our experience from the first 3 weeks of the programme. Without further ado, here it is.

What is Salesforce Accelerate Grow all about?

The first week included a great Kick-Off Session where we learnt how the programme works, met some of our programme leaders and fellow Cohort 14 members, and found out how to get the most out of the virtual sessions. The Kick-Off session included a quick turnaround in the Partner Learning Campground, which is the place where our four curriculums for the programme are located. We were also shown around Mobilize, our central hub to find our Calendar for events, mentor sessions, and community posts.

Later in the week, we delved into Sales. Over two or three seminars, we understood how Salesforce’s Sales Operations worked in more detail and deciphered key Sales positions/individuals within Salesforce who could be important to align with for opportunities. In the Sales Alignment session, we discovered how best to structure and use Sales Strategies to get the most out of Salesforce and the AppExchange.

What is a value proposition according to Salesforce?

Week 2 was busier.

From Sales Alignment in Week 1, we developed this further through the lens of product wording and Value Propositions. We received advice about best practices to generate a comprehensive and grounded Value Proposition for our products.

Mid-week Demo Jam! This week was our first Demo Jam of the programme for Cohort 14. Nativevideo got the opportunity to demo our newest Market Research solution, Antenna, in a 3-minute demo to fellow ISVs on the call. We received positive feedback from our demo!

Overall, the Demo Jam was a great chance to see what our fellow ISV Partners had created and how they found proactive solutions to Salesforce User problems.

Next on the Calendar was our first mentoring session. This was where several fellow Accelerate members (who are in a similar geographical area) came together and introduced ourselves. We also learned how these sessions would work, from connection opportunities to programme support. More importantly, our takeaway was that this was just a chance to meet and hear from others in our mentor group.

Trailblazer DX: who is it for?

Our first third of the programme is complete!

The third week of Accelerate Grow didn’t have online sessions planned, but it had a special in person “bonus” session at the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. This was for the Programme members who were in town to attend TrailblazerDX, the Salesforce Developer conference which was happening that week in San Francisco. This “bonus” session was great since many successful ISVs who attended previous Grow Programmes, got to share their experience and some top tips for success. We also heard from leaders in the ISV team as well as had a preview of the newly redesigned Partners Console for the AppExchange.

How do we know this? Our Co-Founders, Luca Benini and Nick Tassini got to attend this session and TrailblazerDX in person. It was a very intense and productive week on the ISV and Networking side of things!

Back to Week 3, which ended with a helpful Value Proposition support Office Hour session. The Cohort was able to ask questions to the programme leaders regarding any struggles they had accessing the programme curriculum and/or understanding the different parts of the Value Proposition Canvas.


That’s a wrap on our first Salesforce Accelerate Grow Diary Entry! Compact but crammed with knowledge, good people and fun. It’s been great so far learning from the webinars, onboarding sessions, mentor sessions, and the curriculum in the Partner Learning Campground.

We’re looking forward to the next two topics: Marketing and Positioning, and Operational Excellence.

See you in 3 weeks!

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