We are back with our second diary entry covering Weeks 4 to 6 of the Salesforce Accelerate Grow Programme. Nativevideo has been very busy these past three weeks, both within the Programme and outside of it, with webinars, AppExchange product launches, and GPT developments.

If you’ve been following our Accelerate Grow story along, you may know that Nativevideo got accepted onto the 2023 Accelerate Grow Programme in January. On 20th February, Accelerate Grow kicked off its 9-week programme. Our 2023 group (Cohort 14) has come a long way since then indeed, so let’s review what we’ve learned!

Screenshot from the Salesforce Accelerate Grow partner initiative titled "I am participating in Accelerate Grow"

What does Positioning and Marketing mean and how does this impact your AppExchange Listing?

We are still working on Unit 2: Positioning and Marketing during Week 4 of the programme.

In this week's seminars, we address the first part of this question, “What does positioning and marketing mean?”. We did this through learning the value of attending Salesforce events. A key place to network and hear from fellow ISVs, Salesforce Leaders and customers. We learned how to make the most of events with pre, during, and post-event content, and gained insights into which Salesforce events are the most relevant to attend for the opportunity to connect with AEs, other ISVs and Salesforce Customers. This session was called 'Event Marketing Strategy: Maximising Your Return on Investment'. The speakers shared some brilliant events, including the big ones we all know: Dreamforce, Salesforce Live, World Tour, and community-run events from trailblazers.

Later in the week, the Positioning and Marketing seminars turned towards the AppExchange, and this is where we delved into how our positioning and marketing strategy impacts our AppExchange listing (so the second part of the question). We started this new path with some break-out rooms and began understanding what makes a successful App listing. We had a detailed look at the new AppExchange Partner Community Console that is aimed to “simplify and enhance the way you can add and update your listings" (Bharath Balasubramaian), in addition to learning how important it is to make solutions accessible for all users, particularly those with disabilities (i.e. visually impaired users). The newly released AppExchange console has some exciting functionality that Nativevideo especially likes. This is the SEO keyword search tab applicable to all Listed solutions. This means that all solution listings get relevant keywords added, to amplify searches and exposure in Google and/or AppExchange. So Nativevideo can shout more about Alfred and video technology on AppExchange with this new SEO keyword section on the Partner Console! For the last 15+ minutes of the session, we were allotted Break-out rooms, where each room peer reviewed fellow attendee App Listings.

What a great way to end the fourth week!

How can you transform Insights into action to drive demand for your business with Salesforce?

Week 5 was a busy one, with an onboarding session, seminar and demo jam!

Seminar-wise, we started the week with an onboarding session on Monday 27th March, then a seminar on Tuesday explored the question above of ‘How can you transform Insights into action to drive demand for your business with Salesforce?’ The week closed with a Cohort-member led Demo Jam.

Now, let’s dive into the seminar session as it covered a lot:

Screenshot of a slide with an agenda which covers some of the content in the Accelerate Grow partner scheme

The four key speakers took us through the four key sections above. The speakers were Elise Hanuschek, Ciji Adams, Andrew Gothelf, and Jeffery Simplice. Some interesting points from this session were centred around content creation and the type of content to create for an impactful Customers/Salesforce AEs experience.

We learned about the Partner Marketing Centre (check out the links at the end of this week’s section to discover more about this Salesforce tool on the AppExchange) and how it works to support ISV Marketing Strategies. We also learned how to create interactive customer journeys that customers want to participate in.

Screenshot of a slide with title 3 ways to activate across the customer journey, taken from Salesforce partner training

The session also gave us a detailed overview of Salesforce's recommendations for creating a coherent, dynamic, and Sales-supportive Content Strategy.

This overview included some examples of sales emails and informative Customer Success Stories. It also reinforced the importance of monitoring KPIs and generating content around audience-interested topics.

This busy and insight-packed week ended with a Demo Jam, which was organised by Programme members.

Where can I find resources on AppExchange Analytics to get the most out of my Salesforce partnership?
Here are some useful Resources focused on the Partner Marketing Centre Links

  • Learn | Partner Marketing Center (salesforce.com)
  • Partner Marketing Center (salesforce.com)

How can I optimise my use of the Salesforce AppExchange to get leads and sell more?

As it’s Week 6, we're officially two-thirds through the programme!

We have now moved on to Unit 3: Operational Excellence. This is all about optimising our use of the AppExchange, understanding the tools available to ISVs, how to make the most of App Listings, and fully leveraging the updated Partner Console to sell more!

The first seminar of the week was 'How to Run a Better Business with Partner Intelligence and COA Automation' which delves into the technical side of the question, ‘How can I optimise my use of the Salesforce AppExchange to get leads and sell more?’ looking at the tools available to optimise your Salesforce listing, awareness and lead generation. Marketplace Analytics and App Analytics were explored. You may have heard of or know how Market Place Analytics works, but here's a quick overview to refresh yourself.

Screenshot of a slide showing AppExchange Marketplace Analytics with details of what those analytics contain

Marketplace Analytics aims to provide “ISV Partners with more insights and more data to help run their AppExchange businesses better” (Naren Somisetty). The Marketplace is where you can get an overview of how people find your solution (Google Search, Bing Search, AppExchange Recommendations, etc.), what keywords Customers search to find your solution/s, see your tile views and hover stats, and much more.

While App Analytics enables ISVs to see “more analytics on what’s happening within your App itself that is sitting in the Customers Org.” (Naren Somisetty) and which solutions or in-app features customers use more. These insights enable ISVs to mitigate and sort attribution risks, bottlenecks, or see how to improve your App so customers have the greatest experience with your App.

A brief overview of the COA or Channel Order App was discussed during the session as well.

The second and final session of the week was ‘Understanding / Leveraging AppExchange Tools: Demo Orgs, Test Drive, and Trialforce’. It was a Salesforce Solution Engineers and Customer orientated session. It delved into the four types of demos available:

  • Demo Org: the ones you’re most familiar with on an AppExchange listing;

  • In-App Guided Trials:
    a trial which begins with instructions for installation and App setup once you’ve clicked on ‘Trial’ or ‘Get Now’.

  • Test Drives:
    which enable customers to add customer data to the solution they are Test Driving;

  • Trialforce:
    involved Salesforce generated templates which can be industry-tailored by developers to create a or multiple industry related demos.

It was a very informative session, examining the value of each type of demo and trial. The speakers, Michah Joel and Peter Martin, shared their recommendations for which one works best and explained how each demo and trial provides customers with a different level and depth of experience.

How can I work AppExchanges solution demos, guides and trials?

Here are some useful and relevant Resources:

In-App Guided Trials:

Trialforce Best Practices | ISVforce Guide | Salesforce Developers

AppExchange App Trial Management | Salesforce Trailhead


So that’s the end of the second phase of the Salesforce Accelerate Grow Programme! What an insightful 3 weeks with a trip down AppExchange and Salesforce Content Strategy lane. We've gathered some helpful recommendations and know-how from the Accelerate Grow Leaders and Key Speakers, as mentioned above.

Thank you for being part of our Accelerate Grow journey. This would not be possible without our Nativevideo Community and Client support.

See you in 3 weeks for the final instalment of our Accelerate Grow Diaries.

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