This marks the final entry of the Salesforce Accelerate Grow Diary series and, sadly, the end of the Accelerate Grow 2023 Programme for Cohort 14. Nativevideo has gained valuable knowledge, advice and skills from the programme. Here are a few of the insights we have gained from participating in Accelerate Grow:

  • We now know how best to gain Salesforce AEs’ and SEs’ attention.
  • We gained advice and tips about how to accelerate business growth.
  • We learnt ways to elevate our AppExchange Listing game!

This is a programme we’d certainly recommend to others in the Salesforce ecosystem. Now, let’s recap the final 3 weeks.

Screenshot from the Salesforce Accelerate Grow partner initiative titled "I am participating in Accelerate Grow"

How can I run and manage an ‘Operationally Excellent’ team with Salesforce?

We’re going strong in Week 7 with Unit 3 Operational Excellence, and we had three sessions this week. The first session was an Office Hours drop-in. Attendees could ask questions about Operational Excellence, AppExchange Tools, and other best practices that enable businesses to maximise efficiency.

On Tuesday 11th April we had our second session, a seminar called ‘How to Run Operationally Excellent Sales Organizations'. The seminar answered the management and operational aspect of the question as well as had some familiar faces! Mike Davis and George Kenessey led the seminar, exploring best practices for ‘Designing Operationally Excellent Sales Organisations'. Below you can see some topics and ideas discussed during the seminar.

Screenshot from the Salesforce Accelerate Grow partner initiative - Agenda for Designing an Operationally Excellent Sales Organisation

An interesting topic we looked at was the different roles and processes part of the Customer Funnel Math. A part of this included learning the roles and processes that lead to more ‘Closed Won Opportunities’. Mike also shared a vital but related and relevant point about comparison: "You should only be comparing yourself against yourself”. This was mentioned to enforce how keeping track of KPIs will ensure that leads and customers generated month after month are moving in the right direction towards Closed Won - something we all know well, but still imperative to remember.

Screenshot from the Salesforce Accelerate Grow partner initiative titled "Customer Funnel Math"

The session pivoted to George Kenessey who gave us advice about when is the best time to grow your team, as in hire the people you need to hire to “run an ‘operationally excellent’ team with Salesforce”. George focused on Alliance Managers and Marketer Specialists, so you can sell effectively to Salesforce, achieve business growth and solution awareness.

Our Mentor Pod on 13th April was moderated by Silvia Winter (Salesforce), and we shared some best practices and what 'Operational Excellence' things (if any) we have implemented into our business already. Now, that’s Week 7 completed!

How does Salesforce’s Go-To Market strategy work and can I do it too?

It's Week 8 and we have moved on to our final unit, Unit 4: Go-to-Market. This week we only had two sessions both focusing on AppExchange and the Salesforce Market.

We started off the week strong with the seminar “Building a Winning GTM Playbook with Salesforce” hosted by Danielle Vergara. It was a very informative seminar, delving into the details around how to build a comprehensive and complete playbook to go-to-market with Salesforce. As part of this seminar, Danielle discussed the Customer 360 value proposition, the need to understand your target audiences, and the importance of building strong relationships with Salesforce and other ISVs.

Here are some other interesting points discussed, that help answer the question, “How does Salesforce’s go-to Market strategy work and can I do it too?” Yes you can with these tips:

  • The Customer 360 Methodology: Check out the image below to learn more.
Screenshot from the Salesforce Accelerate Grow partner initiative titled "Sell Like & With Salesforce: Customer 360 Methodology"
  • Sales Plays Top-down approach: Danielle says this type of Sales Play "works best because, when you’re targeting an AVP/RVP...they understand what you can bring to the table. They understand your sales play, they understand what your solution is going to help them sell.” Which is the key thing!
  • Tips for preparing for calls with AE’s: See the image below for some good practices.
Screenshot from the Salesforce Accelerate Grow partner initiative titled "Good First impressions"

Later in Week 8, we had the seminar: 'How to Build your Alliances Team’, hosted by Mike Gouss. Alliances, according to Salesforce, refer to partnerships and the different types that exist in the ecosystem. Mike Gouss also illustrated that an Alliance team’s journey begins from the inside out, meaning that the whole organisation is involved in this process, not just Sales. Alliance teams need to be familiar with and involved in all aspects of an organisation’s processes, including Sales, Operations, Marketing and Products. To get the most out of an Alliances team, one first needs to review how Alliances benefit your business and all of its components. Only then can you hire the right people for the team, this is one of the key factors to creating your own Salesforce go-to-market strategy - People! Look at the images below to learn more.

Screenshot from the Salesforce Accelerate Grow partner initiative titled "Building a Strong Foundation"
Screenshot from the Salesforce Accelerate Grow partner initiative titled "Future Success Alliances Organizational Chart"

That’s a wrap on Week 8! It was a very interesting and Sales/Market focused week. Let’s see what next week has in store.

Can ISVs create Co-Marketing Strategies with Salesforce?

Week 9 is here, and it’s the final week of the programme!

This week started with Office Hours where we could explore GTM best practices and strategies further. In addition, we had the opportunity to ask any questions about the programme as this was the final Office Hour of the programme.

Tuesday 25th April was our last seminar and Programme Wrap-up. It was on 'How to Measure and Optimise your Marketing Strategy’ and hosted by Elena Pinzon and Deanna Rayala.

Deanna discussed some interesting tips for ISV Co-Marketing Strategies with Salesforce. It turns out that you can develop Co-Marketing Strategies with Salesforce, since ‘Co-Marketing’ is a feature part of the AppExchange Partner Programme! Deanna explained that the Salesforce Co-Marketing team helps “Summit Partners to build innovative and integrated marketing campaigns, to drive pipeline and accelerate ACV.”

Next, she stressed how Sales and Marketing alignment is necessary to optimise and create successful campaigns. She gave tips on how marketing and sales can align successfully, including ensuring that marketing aligns around your strategic accounts list. This is so everyone knows who the target audience is, recognise any account similarities and understand the go-to market plan.

Screenshot from the Salesforce Accelerate Grow partner initiative titled "Alignment done differently. Step by step of sales and marketing best practices"

Deanna then delved into how Co-Marketing enables ISVs and Salesforce to collect performance data to understand your campaign progress and what areas to measure/improve your success. Below you can see an example of what Salesforce’s Co-Marketing teams measure.

Screenshot of a slide from the Salesforce Accelerate Grow partner initiative. The slide is titled "What to measure. Picking outcomes that align to revenue and sales."

Wrapping up Salesforce Accelerate Grow: How was it? (Week 9 still)

Elena Pinzo wrapped up the programme with a quick overview of what we learned. She also included a thank you message from the Salesforce Accelerate Grow Leaders, and some key points to help Cohort 14 continue their Accelerate Grow journey.

So that's it! We are done with our seminars, and only have one mentor pod session left...a bittersweet moment indeed.

Our final mentor pod session was on 27th April, and it closed the Programme completely. Silvia Winter moderated the session again, and we all discussed GTM strategies and best practices. Furthermore, we shared individual takeaways of the programme. These included the changes and benefits we have / will implement as a result of the programme.


As you can see from the above, it was a quiet final 3 weeks, but no less contains some valuable knowledge. This programme has been an incredible learning experience that’s provided Nativevideo with many great actionable insights and knowledge. We are very grateful for the knowledge gained and insights shared by the Accelerate Grow leaders. The programme has equipped us with more skills and know-how on making more Customer and Salesforce-orientated selling decisions and advice on how to grow further with Salesforce AEs and SEs.

Thank you again to the Accelerate Grow team for your time and resources. We've really appreciated being part of Cohort 14 of Accelerate Grow 2023!

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