Another Salesforce event is happening next week. Are you coming to Salesforce Live in London on the 30th?

Nativevideo is ending November with a bang with Salesforce Live UK plus other exciting news, stick around to get the full story.

What is “Salesforce Live UK and Ireland”?

Three screenshots of a phone with audio note recordings

Salesforce Live UK is an in-person event open to Salesforce Partners, Customers and all those passionate and curious about Software and Technology. It’s an opportunity to learn more about best practices for customer engagement and new Salesforce solutions that help organisations maintain and grow customer relationships. This event is a prime opportunity to catch up with fellow Salesforce community members, plus meet new customers and friends.

All are welcome to Salesforce Live UK, so much so that the event is now SOLD OUT! This is just great testament to the huge interest and size of the Salesforce community in the UK. You can still find out what it's all about here!

Three screenshots of a phone with audio note recordings

Why is Nativevideo going?

  1. To connect, listen and learn from fellow Salesforce Partners, customers, and keynote speakers about the latest innovations and functionalities available.
  2. To launch our much anticipated new solution, Audio Notes for Salesforce! This is the key one.

Salesforce Live is a big opportunity for us to show the Salesforce ecosystem our Audio Notes in action!

What are Audio Notes by Nativevideo?

Who loves the simplicity of an audio note/message? We do!

Imagine being able to recount a quick summary of the meeting/site visit/conversation while it is fresh in your mind into notes with one click, automatically capturing it in Salesforce as an Audio Note and as a transcribed text field. Next imagine if AI could “listen” to it and automate the relevant next steps, highlighting tasks and next stages for you. Finally, imagine if AI was able to assign a sentiment/priority order to the information included in the Audio note and create automated “NoteCasts” for managers and supervisors, making sure that the most important and relevant information from the team (and indeed some of their frustration or disappointment besides their wins) was shared timely and efficiently.

The purpose of Audio Notes is to speed up record creation and data processing for Sales and Service teams.

Why should I use Audio Notes in my business processes?

Here are a few eye-opening stats!!

  • According to a recent Nativevideo survey, over 87% of Salesforce users agree that their data need serious help or users are working with empty data fields
  • Salesforce has found that 90% of Contact data in user Orgs are incomplete, insufficient or obsolete (Salesforce: Ensuring Data is of High Quality)
  • Sales and Service teams spend up to 25% of their time on mundane admin tasks (Demoflo: Salesforce Integration- Never miss a field again)

The biggest problem that Salesforce Orgs seem to have is that, no matter how well designed their processes and customised flows are, people are still reluctant to type feedback, updates and reports in a consistent and contextualised way. Hence the stats above, and gaps in the ability to support, progress and forecast deals and grow customer engagement.

Nativevideo troubleshoots these Salesforce user problems and empowers teams with Audio technology. Record and save audio notes to a Case, Report, Contact, or Opportunity Object, so progress gets saved and Team Leaders/Managers remain informed with daily “Notecast”. Audio Notes by Nativevideo transforms Sales and Field Service Teams with quick, AI based audio recorded notes for complete Salesforce data fields.

We are particularly excited about the potential Audio Notes have in impacting mental health awareness and actions. Our audio technology enables Managers to hear from their team and pick up on voices/tones/frustration that may indicate a latent issue that needs addressing (without waiting for the bi-weekly 1-to-1). Managers now have the opportunity to hear directly and check in with their team to create a connected and compassionate working environment.

See a demo, connect or chat with us?

We can’t wait to show you Audio Notes in person at Salesforce Live UK on the 30th of November, see the plan for the day.

Can’t make it? Connect with us via our Contact Us page, or arrange a virtual coffee at a time that suits you via our Calendly.

See you there!

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