Last week Nativevideo attended Salesforce Live, and it was a fantastic experience! If you’re following our story, you will know that Salesforce Live wasn’t just a regular event for us. It was our opportunity to bring and show our newest native-to-Salesforce solution to the Salesforce community. But you may also be thinking, “Alfred – the Salesforce Personal Assistant (PA), what is that?” Well, we decided to give an identity to our Audio Notes. The solution functionality and benefits remain the same; the only change is the name – inspired by conversations at Salesforce Live!

Screenshot of a video of Nativevideo's latest product release

The day started with a keynote from Ruquaiyah Jaffery with an interview with Zarah Al-Kurcy from Formula1 about a new day for Salesforce, customers, and the environment, followed by numerous incredible sessions of which the Nativevideo team was able to attend seven! It was a great space to learn what Salesforce has in store, gain more knowledge about Salesforce Clouds, and finally, understand how best to service Customers so they have exceptional experiences with your company.

The event also brought to our attending some eye-opening stats, so we wanted to share 4 with you today:

  • 56% of customers feel like companies treat them like a number
  • 32% more customer satisfaction comes with automated processes.
  • 27% of companies increased the speed of their operations through automation.
  • 50% of the World's trees are gone! The world has gone from 6 trillion trees to 3 trillion trees.

The event concluded with the legendary Nile Rogers who took to the stage. He inspired the audience with stories about Miles Davies, Herbie Hancock, Billy Idol, and David Bowie plus spoke about his humble beginnings and how his interest in music from a young age led him to becoming the icon today. A nugget of knowledge that Rogers left the audience with was about how we figure out a solution from a negative situation so our negative experience turns into a positive one, or more concisely, we figure out how to turn “poison into medicine”!

Back to our star of the event, Alfred!

While at Salesforce Live showcasing Alfred to the Salesforce community, we received incredible feedback from discussions and conversations with customers. Before the event, the Nativevideo team set a goal in terms of quality connections, and from that initiative we had over 30 top interactions who were interested in Alfred! To celebrate, as well as gaining inspiration from Salesforce's giving back proactivity to the planet, Nativevideo is giving back as well. To mark the 30+ interesting and engaging conversations we had and the date of the event (30th November), we will plant 30 trees in the Amazon Rainforest with our partnership with the reforestation charity, One Tree Planted.

Now let’s recap why the Community at Salesforce Live loved Alfred - the Salesforce PA.

  • Alfred is a voice-based, AI-powered solution to automate Salesforce updates.

  • Alfred stands for “AI-based, Lightning Fast, Ready, Efficient and Directly in Salesforce”.
  • Deal Acceleration and Forecast Accuracy. Alfred solves the “Empty Salesforce = empty Pipe” issue.
  • Productivity, Alfred automates tasks creation, activity and sentiment analysis.
  • Customer Engagement, Alfred delivers on the Customer 360 promise by adding all updates in Salesforce.
  • Employee engagement and retention, Alfred creates automated playlists for managers to “hear” what’s going on with the team when it senses stress and disengagement “red flags”.

With Alfred well on its way to transforming Salesforce user experiences and revolutionising how Sales and Service teams manage their data, we thought it only right to show you a quick demo of the solution below.

Want to meet Alfred today?

Get in contact with us today to hear and see more about Alfred or arrange a session with us to experience Alfred in action 1-to-1. Or follow us on LinkedIn to hear further Alfred updates.

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