This June, Salesforce World Tour London 2022 is bringing together over 5000 people for the first time in over two years (hint: the prohibitive reason begins with a C). The Nativevideo team in London has really enjoyed the experience and, considering it’s one of the biggest Salesforce events in the UK, it seems like it was a huge success!

We’ve made some key quick takeaway points from the occasion. Here’s what we’ve found:

Illustration of various Salesforce characters

Pressures of great customer success

The need for effective and overall brilliant customer experience across every possible channel that you connect with your customers on is growing and becoming more competitive. Innovation, creativity, fun and being personable are not being pushed forward further, since the customer experience is being the top priority for many companies. Obviously, when customers are what affects your business operation, performance and so much more. Salesforce UKI CEO Zahra Bahrololoumi highlighted this need in her Keynote speech: "Businesses feel the pressure to create incredible experiences across every interaction with their customers to remain competitive". She also emphasised the need for businesses to up their game to win in the future, and a way of doing this is to focus on "realising productivity gains, efficiencies, and resilience".

Companies and Customers Trust-Gap

The Trust Gap, a much spoken about concept and challenge for all businesses, is still a big issue. With customers being more socially, financially and business aware, they are in the captain's chair when it comes to business. Since customers are more conscious of global situations and vocal in what aligns with their personal values, things like economic, environmental and labour crises are impacting on their trust in business. Furthermore, Simon Macklin, SVP Success Management shared that a staggering "88% of Customers that believe that trust becomes more important in times of change". So we as businesses need to find a way to bridge this "Trust Gap" between companies and customers before it's too late and much harder to win customer trust.

Reflecting on how we address these points

Nativevideo has a few things up their sleeve to help our users bridge this Company-Customer Trust Gap and alleviate customers' peace of mind:

  • We’re recognized and featured as one of Salesforce AppExchange’s sustainable solutions
  • We improve company-customer trust through visibility and transparency in service industries
  • Reduce stress since our solutions are built into Salesforce, by equipping your sales and service reps with video and audio recording. This helps to create and built those invaluable customer relationship between customer-company
  • Ease workload and your company’s carbon footprints with video interviews, which can be controlled and curated by you natively within your Salesforce-compliant recruitment processes.
  • Maintain human engagement and speed with our personalised speech to text solution to make notes directly into Records, Contact, Cases, or any other Salesforce Object, or check into with your team without bugging them with formal meeting invites.

Missed the event?

No worries, check out the event on demand here. It may not be like the real thing, but it’ll still great to watch and learn from:

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