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TalentV.ai use cases

TalentV.ai is a recruitment intelligence platform native in Salesforce. It leverages three key Salesforce objects – Vacancy, Contact and Application – to redefine recruitment, with video functionality at its core.

Enhance the hiring process with video interviews

TalentV streamlines recruitment with customisable video interviews, allowing for a more personalized and engaging candidate assessment.

Here’s how:

  • Recruiters create a Job Vacancy with all the details of the Job Opening
  • Recruiters upload a welcoming video, introducing the job and company culture
  • Interview questions are crafted and can be ordered or randomised or grouped into sets
  • Candidates submit their video responses tailored to the specific job application
  • Review teams can efficiently evaluate all submissions, ensuring the best candidate selection
Illustration of a recruiter posting a job description in Salesforce

Effortless configuration of interview templates

With TalentV, recruiters work with a layout from where they can systematically add interview questions and manage response timing, with the option to add Question Sets for reuse in other interview scenarios.

Question sets in TalentV

Here’s how:

  • Templates guide the structure of questions asked
  • Questions can be sequenced or randomized, with set response times
  • Video Question Sets allow for reusable question configurations

Simplify the Candidate video interview experience

TalentV offers a straightforward, engaging way to complete video interviews that are captured directly against Candidate records in your Salesforce ATS.

Here’s how:

  • Candidates experience a guided interview process with questions displayed during their video recording
  • The process is designed to be intuitive, allowing candidates to focus on providing their best responses within the allotted time
Man recording a one way video interview

Enhance the live interview process

Elevate the live interview experience within Salesforce. For the candidate, they join an interview in the usual way via Teams, Meet or Zoom. For recruiters, the interview recording and related data is captured against the candidate record in Salesforce.

Illustration of a man on a video call with a woman and an AI notetaker participating as well

Here’s how:

  • Prioritise meaningful interaction and dialogue over the complexities of technology, catering to users of all levels
  • After the interview, TalentV’s sophisticated analytics come into play, offering recruiters a wealth of insights
  • Transcript, summary, follow-up actions and next steps are automatically generated to refine the post-interview workflow
  • Recruiters can efficiently dissect interview highlights, arrange prompt follow-up
    actions, and establish clear subsequent steps

Evaluate Candidate Flexibly with Multiple Question Sets

Organise interviews with multiple question sets to offer recruiters and candidates a versatile and in-depth interview experience that caters for even the most complex job requirements.

Here’s how:

  • Multiple question sets allow for a nuanced evaluation of various skill sets and competencies
  • Candidates can respond to each question set independently, providing focused and relevant answers for each distinct topic or job function
  • TalentV.ai merges individual video recordings into a single, cohesive video, linked directly to the candidate’s application in Salesforce
  • The candidate profile is enriched with video content, transcript, and summary, while retaining the simplicity of a single submission for the review team
Manager evaluating interview candidates

TalentV.ai works with

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TalentV.ai features

With transcription and call / interview summaries auto-generated. Capture client conversations about new job roles to better manage your relationship. Capture candidate interviews to make decision-making clearer and more efficient.

Video call and interview recordings and notes stored in Salesforce against related candidate or client records.

TalentV.ai works with Salesforce ATS platforms such as Bullhorn, CTC People, Asymbl, Seven20 and TargetRecruit.

Set one-way interview question sets for candidates to record short interview answers in their own time, on their own devices.

Create specific question sets that are mandatory or randomised, for gathering answers on different skills, topics or job experience.

Add audio notes for other interactions with candidates or clients. TalentV.ai transcribes and summarises your audio notes saving time on manually typing up your notes.

TalentV.ai will suggest next steps following client calls or candidate interviews based on the content of the conversation. These next steps can easily be converted into Salesforce tasks

Vinton will draft a follow-up email which you can quickly copy and use in your email client.

Edit transcripts if something isn’t captured quite as it should be, and reprocess to get a revised summary, next steps, title, and email.

Multi-lingual speech to text, transcription & translation.

Languages and accents included are:

  • Afrikaans
  • Arabic, Gulf
  • Arabic, Modern Standard
  • Chinese, Simplified
  • Chinese, Traditional
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English, Australian
  • English, British
  • English, Indian
  • English, Irish
  • English, New Zealand
  • English, Scottish
  • English, South African
  • English, US
  • English, Welsh
  • French
  • French, Canadian
  • Farsi
  • German
  • German, Swiss
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi, Indian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Malay
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese, Brazilian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Spanish, US
  • Swedish
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese
For special names, company jargon or acronyms.

TalentV.ai has default prompts to generate your interview summaries, but you can also write your own.

Using common video-conferencing tools Teams/Zoom/Meet, record video interviews with candidates and store recordings against records in Salesforce.

TalentV.ai works with popular video conferencing solutions.

Speakers identified by name used to sign in to video call. You have a clear reference to who was in the call or interview, mapped as Contact or Candidate.

TalentV.ai creates a summary for every call, interview and audio note.

TalentV.ai can join multiple different concurrent interviews or meetings.
TalentV.ai stores your call recordings and interviews in related client or candidate records in Salesforce. All recordings and audio notes are playable within Salesforce itself.

TalentV.ai can join your meetings or interviews no matter if you join via Teams / Meet / Zoom on desktop or mobile. Leave audio notes on either device too, within the Salesforce app.

Permission management for TalentV.ai is managed via permission sets in Salesforce. Create sharing links for calls or interviews to share with external stakeholders such as client hiring managers.

Your data security is paramount

All metadata created by TalentV.ai exists in Salesforce so is under the platform’s existing stringent security layer.

TalentV.ai is powered by Nativevideo but at no point in time does Nativevideo have access to your recordings or notes. We do not hold any of the data that we process and make available on your behalf.

Media files are stored outside of your Salesforce Org in an AWS container with a direct, secure connection to only your Org.

TalentV.ai, powered by Nativevideo, uses OpenAI to generate the executive summaries, next step tasks and draft emails for your call and audio notes.

However TalentV.ai was designed to work with any LLM. If your Org prefers to use an alternative to OpenAI, TalentV.ai can operate with any other LLM.

The recordings and notes captured by TalentV.ai are not used to train AI models.

Built with amazing technologies

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TalentV.ai demo

Watch this demo of TalentV.ai to understand how it helps make recruitment more efficient and effective.

Product FAQs

Do you offer discounts for non profit organizations?2024-03-28T13:35:36+00:00

Yes we do. It’s important for us to support good causes. We offer a 20% discount for NPOs.

Get in touch for more information.

What does it mean “powered by Nativevideo”?2024-03-28T14:09:46+00:00

Nativevideo is an established Salesforce native video and audio platform. The platform allows video and audio to be processed, compressed, transcribed and stored against objects in Salesforce, but the media itself does not take up GB of space in your Org so you aren’t charged for storing high volumes of content. Nativevideo stores the content in AWS, with a direct and secure link to your own Org.

Our solutions like TalentV.ai and Vinton are powered by Nativevideo because the platform is the underlying technology that supports the video+AI solutions.

Where are the video call and audio note recordings stored?2024-03-28T13:27:02+00:00

During the configuration and setup of Vinton or our other applications, a secure connection is made between your Salesforce Org and AWS. Audio and video files are stored securely in AWS and do not affect the storage space used in Salesforce.

Which edition of Salesforce do I need to use Nativevideo solutions?2024-03-28T13:35:12+00:00

Nativevideo solutions are compatible with the Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer and Performance versions of Salesforce.

Do you offer additional product support post-purchase?2024-03-28T13:27:20+00:00

Premium support is available for all Enterprise-subscription customers.

Will I need to pay Salesforce for more storage space to accommodate all the video and audio recordings?2024-03-28T13:34:59+00:00

You might be concerned about exceeding your standard storage space in Salesforce by saving recording video meetings and audio in your objects. But there’s no need to worry. For all our solutions (except for our Free Nativevideo), we store your files in AWS with a secure connection between AWS and your Salesforce Org. So the video and audio recordings do not affect your Salesforce Org data storage. We also compress video recordings too.

(If you’re using the FREE Nativevideo, your videos are stored in your Salesforce Org, but we limit the recording time to 30 secs, with a maximum 100 videos to minimise the space taken up by video content.)

Do you offer free trials?2024-04-04T13:32:44+00:00

We don’t offer a free trial, but we do offer something better!

All of our solutions come with a freemium offer. Up to five users completely free of charge!

Get started via the AppExchange

Are there any system prerequisites for installing TalentV.ai in our Salesforce Org?2024-04-11T08:40:09+00:00

Yes, before installing TalentV.ai, it’s essential to install the NativeVideo package, as our application is
built on top of it. Once you have NativeVideo in place, you can proceed with the TalentV.ai package

How customizable is the TalentV.ai application? Can it be tailored to fit our specific recruitment2024-04-11T08:41:53+00:00

TalentV.ai is designed to be flexible, ensuring it can be tailored to your distinct recruitment workflows.

Built within the Salesforce ecosystem, it leverages the native customization capabilities Salesforce provides. This means it can be fine-tuned to match the specific functionalities and processes your Salesforce org supports. Moreover, our team is available to assist with any bespoke development
to meet your particular needs.

What is the typical implementation timeline for TalentV.ai?2024-04-11T08:43:17+00:00

The typical TalentV.ai implementation timeline can vary depending on the complexity of your setup. Most basic installations can be up and running in a matter of hours, while more involved configurations may take a bit longer. We strive to make the transition as smooth and swift as possible.

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Leveraging the Nativevideo platform

TalentV.ai is powered by Nativevideo, an audio and video recording platform native in Salesforce. Nativevideo provides an enterprise-level, secure video and audio management solution, protected with a security layer which allows authorised users (internal, guests and community) to create and play videos, defined by your existing Salesforce permissions and across all Salesforce Clouds.

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