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Native in Salesforce, TalentV leverages three key Salesforce objects – Vacancy, Contact and Application – to redefine recruitment with video + AI at its core.

Why TalentV?

Use TalentV’s video interviewing + audio + AI to gain an accurate understanding of Candidate interviews and Client conversations, increasing productivity, delivering improved performance and accelerating the decision-making process.


TalentV saves recruiters tons of time with automated transcription, summary, tasks and emails from meetings and interviews, adding it all directly in your Salesforce

Coaching and training

TalentV analyses every interview and call, providing data like time spent speaking, longest monologue, key topics, providing coaching opportunities for recruitment teams

Operational excellence

TalentV gives your recruitment business a deeper understanding of candidates and clients, with rich data from conversations kept within in your Salesforce ATS

Smart AI notetaking in video interviews

Productivity gains

With TalentV, your Recruitment teams are more productive & efficient

Image depicts two screens with online interviews taking place on each using meeting software like Teams, Meet or Zoom, and transcripts being captured.

Automate interview notes

You’re on a video interview, trying to take notes while listening to your candidate. After the interview, there’s another one, and soon you have a backlog of interview notes to type up. Did you miss any important points? Did the candidate match the job requirements? With TalentV, all your notetaking is taken care of for you, saving you hours of time on interview admin every week.

Generate rich data

TalentV records and transcribes interviews and other video meetings, creates a summary, suggested next steps and even drafts a follow-up email, placing all of that rich data into Salesforce against the relevant candidate, job or client records. The rich data your Salesforce ATS needs is automatically generated for you.

Improved performance

Interview and call analysis provides opportunities to coach and improve your team’s performance

Visually appealing insights

TalentV analyzes every interview, call or audio note and presents the data in a visually appealing way to help recruiters and managers understand what was discussed, who spoke most, detailed notes and transcript, next steps, follow-up email… Jump quickly to relevant parts of the interview or meeting based on key topics mentioned. Share interviews with other stakeholders, even those outside of your Salesforce Org.

Identifying areas for growth

TalentV’s call analysis enables managers to identify coaching opportunities for recruiters. Was a great candidate missed even though they fit the role perfectly? Identify why by reviewing interview recordings and notes. Is a recruiter dominating the conversation in an interview or client call? Suggest ways to improve the interactions and get the most of out of your candidates.

Female coach pointing at a screen and discussing an example interview

Improving operational excellence

TalentV is native in Salesforce, aligning with your Salesforce ATS

Illustration of a recruiter posting a job description in Salesforce

Enriched data

TalentV captures meeting and interview recordings, transcribing and summarising them in your Org, enriching the data for candidate and client records. Your recruitment business gains a deeper understanding of each candidate and client.


You need high quality, frequent, trusted data to take advantage of all that Einstein 1 can bring to your Org. TalentV makes that easier for your team. No more manual updates in Salesforce, TalentV automates the updates based on the entirety of a captured interview or meeting.

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“TalentV and Vinton have helped K2 boost our productivity, enabling us to accelerate our AI-powered vision for innovation in global operations.”

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How TalentV improves your recruitment

1-way & live interviews

No other solution gives the ability to conduct one-way recorded interviews, multi-way live interviews and post-interview audio notes directly in Salesforce against the relevant candidate or client records.

Accurate data

Bring an accurate understanding of client and candidate interactions into Salesforce so that you can deliver a better service to all stakeholders.

Optimise alignment

Automatically capturing client conversations means your recruiter and client are clear on what was agreed and next steps.

Faster decisions

Saving a ton of time on post-meeting or interview admin means that recruiters can move faster, share with clients quicker and select the best candidates.

Native in Salesforce

Call recordings, transcripts and notes are stored against client and candidate records in Salesforce so everything is kept centrally in one single system of record.


For Recruiters using an ATS native to Salesforce, there is no other AppExchange solution that natively adds video and audio to custom recruitment processes.

Our customers love TalentV

Recruitment Agencies and Recruitment Teams are transforming their processes with TalentV.ai

“The ease of recording and the accuracy, completeness and immediacy of the text that is extracted, elaborated and added in our records is amazingly good! The next steps created are perfect, and they also provide additional clarity into how to continue the conversation / process and keep momentum”

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Scott van Heurck

Director, Wood Recruitment

Smart video interviews in Salesforce

TalentV gives your team time to focus on Candidates and Clients, not on meeting admin.


time saved on admin tasks


increase in data accuracy


ROI on time savings alone



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