How recruiters use TalentV

Add TalentV to your Salesforce ATS and unlock video + audio + AI functionalities for your interviews and client conversations.

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Video + audio + AI to enhance your recruitment processes

For Recruitment operations and intelligence

Widen your pool of candidates

With candidate journeys mapped out, TalentV transforms key steps by adding video interviews. Video interviews allow recruiters to interview talent from all over the world, widening your pool of potential candidates.

Call analysis

Managers can report on sentiment, call length, speaker times, keywords among other data captured by TalentV. Analyse the quality of engagement with your candidates and clients to identify areas of improvement for your recruitment or sales team.

Interview coaching

Recruitment Managers can review transcripts and footage to identify where Recruiters might need coaching on their interview technique. Recruiters can also use the recordings to help coach candidates to perform better in their interviews.

Better candidate decisions

With call and interview recordings, transcripts and summaries captured, it helps Managers to understand why a specific decision was taken in relation to candidates, eliminating biases from a single perspective. It also allows recruiters to surface doubts and ask their colleagues or other stakeholders to review.

Activity reporting

Understand the quantity and quality of client or candidate conversations by individual team member. Compare activities with targets to understand where there might be gaps.

Transparency, diversity and inclusion

Capturing recordings makes it easier to identify issues in interview processes such as unconscious bias. It helps Managers to weed out inappropriate interview techniques. Video captures the reality of an interview and helps to take subjectivity out of the equation.

Tailor TalentV to your processes

TalentV can be tailored to work with any custom objects, flows and processes that you’ve put in place and the intelligence captured can be used in Salesforce reports.

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Candidate engagement and experience

Help candidates prepare

Candidates see the list of prospective questions for their one-way video interview before recording, allowing them to prepare appropriately and ensuring there are no surprises. Candidates can record practise interviews too, before perfecting their final answer.

Offer flexible interview times

Save recruiter and candidate time by incorporating asynchronous interviews into your process. Candidates record their answers at a time that suits them and Recruiters don’t need to book out time for first stage interviews.

Live video interviews

Using well-known video meeting apps like Teams/Meet/Zoom, candidates can participate in recorded live video interviews with one or more interviewers.


With interview recordings, transcripts and summaries, candidates can request detailed feedback from recruiters and hiring managers on how to improve their interview technique. Live video interview recordings can be shared with the candidate to revisit their answers and identify areas for improvement.

Client engagement and interviews

Better alignment with your clients

By automatically recording, transcribing and summarising video calls with your clients, everyone’s clear and accountable for next actions.

Save precious time

With TalentV handling all the call admin, your recruiters have more time available to support additional clients or hires. No need to spend time typing up notes.

Share interviews, clips or notes

Even though clients aren’t users in your own Salesforce Org, whole interview recordings and notes, or selected snippets can be shared externally with clients, keeping the hiring process moving and making better decisions on who to progress or turn down.

Not just for recruiters. For Sales too.

For Recruitment Agencies with a dedicated Sales team, TalentV captures meeting notes with prospective clients so that teams follow up quickly, easily closing new business, and demonstrating how proactive and efficient your agency is.

Selecting the right candidate

Interviews are accurately captured by TalentV, giving reassurance to candidates that recruiters and hiring managers can revisit answers and ensure they select the best candidate. works with

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TalentV demo

Watch this demo of TalentV to understand how it helps make recruitment more efficient and effective.

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Leveraging the Nativevideo platform

TalentV is powered by Nativevideo, an audio and video recording platform native in Salesforce. Nativevideo provides an enterprise-level, secure video and audio management solution, protected with a security layer which allows authorised users (internal, guests and community) to create and play videos, defined by your existing Salesforce permissions and across all Salesforce Clouds.