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Vinton product features

Vinton, AI meeting assistant and notetaker for Salesforce, saves data from all calls and client interactions and updates your Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts, Cases…

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Vinton is compatible with

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How Vinton works

Vinton is on mobile and desktop, ready to assist with every call and conversation.

Invite Vinton to meetings

A designated Vinton “user” within your email organisation is invited to a call and is admitted to record and transcribes the call.

Video meeting is processed

When the call ends, the video file is processed to extract the transcript of the conversation, and then AI is applied to create text data.

Vinton adds call notes to Salesforce

Call recordings and call transcriptions are now available where they belong, in the right Contact, Opportunity, Lead…

Illustration of a video meeting, captured in Salesforce

Vinton goes beyond notes

Vinton transcribes the call and uses AI to transform it into an executive summary so that latest updates are always available.

Vinton extracts next steps and suggests Tasks

Make the team more productive by automatically creating next steps and transforming them into tasks in Salesforce.

Illustration of a video meeting recording and the next step tasks suggested by AI
Illustration of a video meeting with example email generated by AI

Vinton drafts the follow up email

Alongside the call notes, Vinton generates a draft email to send to meeting attendees, helping teams to keep the momentum from the call.

Not all client interactions happen on a video call

Your team can tell Vinton about their face-to-face meetings, phone calls, WhatsApps and other client interactions and Vinton will handle the admin.

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Illustration of a sharing page with next step tasks, summary and transcript

Share calls with people outside your Org

Create a sharing link to share calls with summary, next step and transcript with people outside of your Org.

Meeting intelligence for coaching

Use Vinton’s meeting intelligence to understand where to make improvements and understand the general discussion in a call. See who speaks the most, key topics and meeting minutes.

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View your notes and calls from Outlook or Gmail

Add the Vinton component into the Salesforce email integration component to view your calls and notes directly from your mailbox.

Record new audio notes for contacts you’ve received emails from.

Now your Org is effortlessly up to date

Enjoy a new Salesforce, full of rich, quality data, always updated with the most relevant information for the best revenue decisions.

Vinton features

Each version of Vinton (including free) comes with the following features:

With transcription and executive summaries auto-generated.
Recordings and notes stored in Salesforce against related records.
Multi-lingual speech to text, transcription & translation.

Languages and accents included are:

  • Afrikaans
  • Arabic
  • Armenian
  • Azerbaijani
  • Belarusian
  • Bosnian
  • Bulgarian
  • Catalan
  • Chinese
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Galician
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Icelandic
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Kannada
  • Kazakh
  • Korean
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Macedonian
  • Malay
  • Marathi
  • Maori
  • Nepali
  • Norwegian
  • Persian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Swedish
  • Tagalog
  • Tamil
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Urdu
  • Vietnamese
  • Welsh

Customers have the choice of AWS, Deepgram or Openai Whisper for language transcription.

Leave Vinton an audio note and your admin is done for you.

Vinton will suggest next steps which can be easily converted into Salesforce tasks

Vinton will draft a follow-up email which you can quickly copy and use in your email client.

Edit transcripts if something isn’t captured quite as it should be and reprocess to get a revised summary, next steps, title and email.

Vinton has default prompts, but you can write your own.
For special names, company jargon or acronyms.

Works with popular video conferencing solutions.

Pause an audio note and pick up again where you left off.
Speakers identified by name used to sign in to video call. You have a clear reference to who was in the call meeting, mapped as Contact or Lead.

Vinton creates an exec summary for every call and audio note.

Vinton analyses your calls to identify key summary points such as time spent speaking, main topics discussed, people mentioned and more.

Vinton can join multiple different concurrent meetings.

Vinton can join meetings even if you can’t and take notes for you.
Vinton can restrict call recordings to external meetings.
Vinton stores your call recordings in related records in Salesforce and calls and audio notes are playable within Salesforce.

Vinton can join meetings no matter if you join on desktop or mobile. Leave audio notes on either device too within the Salesforce app.

Search your recordings in Salesforce by speakers, dates or other fields.

Permission management for Vinton is managed via permission sets in Salesforce.

User management and permissions managed via Salesforce.

Use Salesforce activity reports to track call recording and transcription activity.

Vinton is native in Salesforce so single sign-on is managed in your Salesforce org.

Vinton is native in Salesforce so 2FA is managed in your Salesforce org.

Because Vinton is a native in Salesforce, you can use Salesforce’s own reporting and dashboards to interrogate the data that Vinton adds to Salesforce.

Your data security is paramount

All metadata created by Vinton exists in Salesforce so is under the platform’s existing stringent security layer.

Vinton is powered by Nativevideo but at no point in time does Nativevideo have access to your recordings or notes. We do not hold any of the data that we process and make available on your behalf.

Media files are stored outside of your Salesforce Org in an AWS container with a direct, secure connection to only your Org.

Vinton, powered by Nativevideo, uses OpenAI to generate the executive summaries, next step tasks and draft emails for your call and audio notes.

Vinton was designed to work with any LLM. If your Org prefers to use an alternative to OpenAI, Vinton can operate with your choice of LLM.

The recordings and notes captured by Vinton are not used to train AI models.

Built with amazing technologies

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Quick intro to Vinton

Watch this super-quick demo of Vinton.

Product FAQs

Do you offer a free trial of Vinton?2024-03-28T13:35:40+00:00

Yes we certainly do. In fact, it’s better than that. We offer up to five users completely free of charge. The free tier comes with 100 recorded call minutes per user per month and retains your recordings for 100 days. To get started, visit the AppExchange.

Do you offer discounts for non profit organizations?2024-03-28T13:35:36+00:00

Yes we do. It’s important for us to support good causes. We offer a 20% discount for NPOs.

Get in touch for more information.

What does it mean “powered by Nativevideo”?2024-07-09T08:06:17+00:00

Nativevideo is an established Salesforce native video and audio platform. The platform allows video and audio to be processed, compressed, transcribed and stored against objects in Salesforce, but the media itself does not take up GB of space in your Org so you aren’t charged for storing high volumes of content. Nativevideo stores the content in AWS, with a direct and secure link to your own Org.

Our solutions like and Vinton are powered by Nativevideo because the platform is the underlying technology that supports the video+AI solutions.

How do I invite Vinton to join a meeting?2024-03-28T13:27:14+00:00

It’s really easy. You simply add or forward an invitation to Vinton’s email and Vinton automatically joins the call.

Every customer has their own dedicated Vinton email address.

Where can I find the recordings and notes that Vinton takes?2024-03-28T13:26:29+00:00

Your Salesforce Admin will add a Vinton component to your Salesforce object layouts for Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and so on. For any attendee to a meeting, if there’s a matching email address in Salesforce, Vinton will automatically add the recording, the transcript, the notes and so on, directly against that Contact or Lead. If the Contact is attached to an Opportunity, Vinton adds the notes there too.

How much does Vinton cost?2024-03-28T13:35:23+00:00

We have three pricing tiers for Vinton.

Firstly, up to 5 users is completely free, with 100 minutes of call recordings per user per month and recordings retained for 100 days. We have a Pro tier for 5+ users or those that wish to have unlimited recordings. For 100+ users, we offer custom pricing.

Visit our Pricing page for more information.

What features are included in the different versions of Vinton?2024-04-16T10:44:44+00:00

No matter if you’re on the free, Pro or Enterprise tier, your version of Vinton comes with all of the features and functions you need for call recording, transcription, summaries and audio notes.

Free Vinton has some limitations on the number of recorded minutes per month and the length of time your recordings are retained. Pro Vinton unlocks any limits on recordings and comes with standard support. Enterprise Vinton builds on that and comes with premium support.

To see all the features included with Vinton, visit our Product page.

Where are the video call and audio note recordings stored?2024-03-28T13:27:02+00:00

During the configuration and setup of Vinton or our other applications, a secure connection is made between your Salesforce Org and AWS. Audio and video files are stored securely in AWS and do not affect the storage space used in Salesforce.

Which edition of Salesforce do I need to use Vinton?2024-04-04T13:31:21+00:00

Vinton is compatible with the Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer and Performance versions of Salesforce.

Which edition of Salesforce do I need to use Nativevideo solutions?2024-03-28T13:35:12+00:00

Nativevideo solutions are compatible with the Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer and Performance versions of Salesforce.

Are there any setup fees for Vinton?2024-03-28T13:26:52+00:00

No. Standard installation and configuration for setup are included in the price.

Do you offer additional product support post-purchase?2024-03-28T13:27:20+00:00

Premium support is available for all Enterprise-subscription customers.

What other technologies do I need to have to use Vinton?2024-03-28T13:26:46+00:00

You’ll need the Nativevideo platform which powers Vinton. In order to make use of the Meeting Assistant functionalities in Vinton, you’ll need to be using Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet for your video meetings. Vinton is compatible with Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer editions.

Do I need to be using a paid version of Teams, Zoom or Meet?2024-03-28T13:26:41+00:00

No, you can still use Vinton to join, record and transcribe your calls even if you’re using one of the free versions of video conferencing tools Teams, Zoom and Meet.

Does Vinton give my data away to train an AI?2024-03-28T13:26:35+00:00

No. None of the data processed by Vinton is used to train an AI.

Will I need to pay Salesforce for more storage space to accommodate all the video and audio recordings?2024-03-28T13:34:59+00:00

You might be concerned about exceeding your standard storage space in Salesforce by saving recording video meetings and audio in your objects. But there’s no need to worry. For all our solutions (except for our Free Nativevideo), we store your files in AWS with a secure connection between AWS and your Salesforce Org. So the video and audio recordings do not affect your Salesforce Org data storage. We also compress video recordings too.

(If you’re using the FREE Nativevideo, your videos are stored in your Salesforce Org, but we limit the recording time to 30 secs, with a maximum 100 videos to minimise the space taken up by video content.)

Is authorization required for Vinton to join Zoom calls?2024-03-28T13:34:55+00:00

No, the Vinton (previously Alfred) bot does not need to connect via OAuth to join the call and record your Zoom meetings, and thus no authorization is required.

Where can I find help or instructions for setting up and using Vinton?2024-03-28T13:26:24+00:00

We have a series of videos in our video library that cover a number of areas for setting up Vinton including

  • installing it in your Org
  • setting up Vinton to use in your Salesforce mobile app
  • understanding the data model
  • and more…

Go to the video library to see all of our training content.

Do you offer free trials?2024-04-04T13:32:44+00:00

We don’t offer a free trial, but we do offer something better!

All of our solutions come with a freemium offer. Up to five users completely free of charge!

Get started via the AppExchange

Looking for Alfred but can’t find the right page?2024-04-09T09:46:20+00:00

Alfred has been renamed to Vinton.  There were two reasons for this.

Firstly, our ambition for Vinton is better served with this unique name and brand, one that we can fully own. Vinton will help us in building the narrative of how impactful and transformative its technology can be.

Secondly, Alfred / Vinton, has evolved significantly in the past year. It became a core part of our solution, so we felt that the integration of our Talent solution and our Meeting AI notetaker needed to be more obvious. By changing the name to Vinton, the V of TalentV now perfectly represents the joining of the two solutions.

How is Vinton different to Otter, Fireflies, Gong etc?2024-04-04T12:55:04+00:00

Vinton doesn’t just record video calls, but also enables users to add audio notes and consistently capture all non-video call updates. Vinton summarises calls and notes, drafts follow-up emails, automates the list of next steps, and stores all this valuable information directly against the relevant records in Salesforce. Vinton automatically sends an email to your inbox after your call recording or note, with the call summary and next steps within it, and links back to Salesforce.

Vinton allows call recordings and notes to be shared when appropriate. You can customise the AI prompts, add keywords related to your business that the AI will recognise correctly each time.

Vinton is native in Salesforce so all the text data generated from calls is stored where Einstein AI can use it to derive insights for your business.

Do I need a unique email address to use Vinton for call notetaking?2024-04-11T09:07:48+00:00

Yes, Vinton operates with a specific assigned email account so that it can be invited to join calendar meetings and join as a participant in a scheduled call.

We recommend using something like: vinton@[insertyourdomain].

How does Vinton handle technical jargon or industry specific terminology?2024-04-11T09:08:14+00:00

Vinton can be tailored with a custom dictionary to accurately transcribe and interpret industry specific language.

How quickly are transcripts and insights made available after a call?2024-04-11T09:26:04+00:00

Vinton’s transcription capabilities are powered by both AWS and Deepgram services, each offering support for a diverse range of languages to cater to our global user base.

Transcriptions are typically available immediately with AWS, while Deepgram may take a couple minutes longer due to its asynchronous nature.

AWS transcription services provide extensive language support, covering major languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and an array of others. This enables real time transcription across various linguistic demographics, ensuring that Vinton is accessible to teams worldwide. See the latest and most accurate language offerings.

Deepgram offers transcription services in multiple languages, prioritizing accuracy and context. While it excels in English, additional language support includes widely spoken languages such as Spanish, French, as well as others like Hindi, Japanese, and Russian, covering a significant linguistic spectrum for diverse transcription needs. See Deepgram’s language offerings.

With both AWS and Deepgram, you can select the transcription service that best fits your language requirements and accuracy expectations, ensuring that Vinton’s transcriptions are as reliable and inclusive as possible.

What do users need to do to have Vinton join a video call?2024-04-11T13:38:21+00:00

In order to have Vinton join a video call and take notes, the only action required on the part of the users is to invite Vinton to the same meeting in the calendar. In your Org, Vinton will have a dedicated email address with related calendar. Vinton joins the call, if invited, and can be admitted by the attendees when the call starts.

How does Vinton integrate with Salesforce?2024-04-11T13:40:53+00:00

Vinton is natively integrated with Salesforce. Video Calls and Audio Notes are custom objects part of the package and provide all the flexibility and customisation of any native object in Salesforce. Calls and related notes are automatically added to the participants’ records in Salesforce (Internal Users, Contacts, Leads) and to their related records (e.g. Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, any custom object). Transcripts and generated text can be customised to be added automatically to specific fields (e.g. populating “Next Steps” in an Opportunity), notifications are sent from Salesforce to the Internal Users participating after each call, with the summary of the call, the next steps, and a link to the related Salesforce records. Call recordings are also visible in via the Salesforce Mobile App, and the same app can be used to record ad-hoc audio notes too.

What do the default prompts in Vinton do?2024-04-11T13:41:55+00:00

Vinton comes with default prompts for Title generation, Summarisation/Minutes, Next Steps and Follow-up email drafting. These default prompts are tried and tested and provide excellent out-of-the-box results. Vinton’s prompts are flexible and can be modified (Org-wide edits) to cater for specific needs and requirements in terms of contextualisation and output format, ensuring the best and most appropriate output is always generated for the evolving needs of organisations and their processes.

Which Generative AI engine does Vinton use to summarise calls?2024-04-11T13:54:10+00:00

Vinton is integrated with OpenAI GPT4 AI engine via an Enterprise API subscription. We have built our infrastructure with a flexible approach, and a different AI engine can be plugged to perform the Generative AI tasks related to summarisation, extraction of next steps and follow-up email drafting. For example Gemini (from Google) or similar alternatives can be selected. This ensures that the results are always of the highest quality and we have the flexibility to evolve the solution as the requirements of our customers evolve, as well as keeping up with the pace of innovation in this fast moving technology and solution space.

Learn how to set up Vinton in your Org

Installation guides

Follow step by step instructions for getting started with Vinton on our blog.

Nativevideo logo

Leveraging the Nativevideo platform

Vinton is powered by Nativevideo, an audio and video recording platform native in Salesforce. Nativevideo provides an enterprise-level, secure video and audio management solution, protected with a security layer which allows authorised users (internal, guests and community) to create and play videos, defined by your existing Salesforce permissions and across all Salesforce Clouds.

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