How you can use Vinton across your org

Vinton powers the performance of your customer-facing teams. Find out how Vinton supports your role.

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How Vinton supports you

Vinton powers the performance of your revenue organisation. See how Vinton supports your role.

Revenue leaders

Take critical revenue decisions with the most recent, frequent, detailed information automatically updated in Salesforce. Identify areas of improvement using Vinton’s call analysis.

Use conversational data to understand the state of your opportunities.

Revenue ops

Revenue insights and forecasts are only as good as the data in your system.

Enable your customer-facing teams to capture data effortlessly, giving you the most accurate revenue insights for your leadership team.

Sales Reps

Focus on the things you love most about your job: building customer relationships and winning deals!

Delegate all your Salesforce admin to Vinton who will do it faster and more thoroughly. With every deal under control, that’s much less stress for you and a much happier sales manager.

Salesforce Admins

Give your teams access to a much-needed assistant which will make them love Salesforce.

It’s free for up to five users, so install Vinton in your Org and be a hero to your sales team. Updates flow automatically and they get more time for winning.


Get GPT-ready by empowering your teams to generate rich, real-time, up-to-date client interaction data.

Renew your data strategy to fully leverage the power of AI and stay ahead of the competition.

Vinton Use Cases

Learn how to set up Vinton in your Org

Installation guides

Follow step by step instructions for getting started with Vinton on our blog.

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