This feature will let the admins specify the matching criteria for the attendees of the call.

Follow these steps to specify the enhanced user search functionality within the Nativevideo Admin interface:

Navigate to Nativevideo Admin

  • Open your Salesforce
  • From the App Launcher, select “Nativevideo Admin”
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Access Nativevideo Configurations

  • In the Nativevideo Admin interface, click on the "Nativevideo Configurations" tab located at the top of the page.

Select the Vinton Tab

  • From the left-hand sidebar, select the "Vinton" tab, and select the “Calls” tab.

Configure user search fields

  • In the Vinton Calls Settings section, locate the dropdown labelled "Which fields should be used to match attendees to existing Contacts / Leads / Users records?"
  • Choose between "Only Email" or "Name and Email" based on your preference for matching criteria.

Update the settings

  • After entering the number of days, click the "Update" button to save the changes.
screenshot to set call attendee matching in Salesforce

Figure 1: Match attendees by 'Only Email' or 'Name and Email'.

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