We have some exciting news!!

Nativevideo’s video solutions have been recognised by Salesforce as sustainable solutions and we’ve been shortlisted in their top 14 solutions. Not the top 20 but the top 14, and this is specially curated by Salesforce themselves on the AppExchange!

We are super happy with the news and this brilliant recognition. Thank you Salesforce for seeing us, and for recognising our active commitment to sustainability and reversing the climate crisis one video at a time.

Illustration of Salesforce character holding the Earth

Sustainability and Climate Change are very much at the forefront of our minds at Nativevideo, and even one of the contributing factors towards why we built our solution. Videos help reduce noise and air pollution of unnecessary field service trips, paper waste, energy used with telephone calls to communicate with prospects or clients and so much more. We created Nativevideo with the central principle of making your life easier and improving your experience with Salesforce with video solutions.

So, once again, thank you Salesforce for including and featuring us in your curated sustainability page on the AppExchange.

Discover how Nativevideo can help you in your daily endeavours, or check out our sustainably recognised solution and start reducing your carbon footprint.

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